Lawgiver MkII – A few Thoughts.

LG MkII mastheadThis isn’t a big round up by me of the event. As I am part of the Organiser’s Group I think that’s not really for me. It was quite a while after the first Lawgiver that I wrote my own article.

So what is this article about?

Other people’s views. Some have already posted their experiences up and here are a few I’ve seen so far. I’ll bring another round up if and when I see some more.

Logo_judgement_270x110Judgement in Cardiff, an art site that will be displaying original Dredd Art, have a great record of the day in photos.

Some really great images here.

lg1David Broughton is a Small Press comic artist who publishes his own work and appears in 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath.

David sums up his own day on his blog – do check out his Dredd countdown pictures too.

There is a huge amount of post convention buzz you can trawl through on the Lawgiver Citizens Group. This is one of the first places announcements are made by the organisers, Rule32Promotions. The group is very enthusiastic and there is a feedback thread on there with some great constructive criticism.


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