Creators Corner – a few worthy websites

2000AD-LogoI’ve written a couple of articles on 2000AD and Judge Dredd fan sites in August and September 2014. I will do something similar again at some point. This article is slightly different – this one is about a few comic creators and their websites.

I’m starting with the creator of 2000AD, Pat Mills, and going through to someone who has his first big book on the way, Rom of the Reds artist Dan Cornwell. I’ll be bridging these two with the site’s of Leah Moore/John Reppion and Thomas Foster.

There is a 2000AD connection to all these sites and indeed I have interviewed all of those I am featuring here, a link to the interviews is at the end of the article. Here I say only a few short words about each site and the creators involved. I suggest you take a look around them. Continue reading

Shaman Kane Issue 2 – by David Broughton (Teaser images)

Kanbk2 tease1Shaman Kane

Issue 2

32 Pages US Format
Mix Colour and Black & White

Available from Comicsy £3.50
July 2015

Written, Drawn and lettered by
David Broughton

Genre – Sci-fi Horror

I reviewed Issue 1 of Shaman Kane last year. David Broughton is a regular contributor to some wonderful small press titles including the 2000AD Fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath and the awesome Psychedelic Journal, He also has a other creator owned projects, Martillo and Spectre Show.

You can see more of David’s art on his website, there will be regular updates on there showing sketches by David that will be available as a free bonus with copies of his books sold at Cardiff Comic Con on 27th June 2015. Shaman Kane Issue 2 will be launched at this event. Continue reading

2000AD Sci-Fi Special 2015 – spoiler light (includes Preview Pages)

Sci-fi 15 cover2000AD Sci-Fi Special 2015
Published in the UK by Rebellion

Available in print & digital Wednesday 24th June 2015

Available in all good stockists,
2000AD iOS AppAndroid Ap
2000AD Shop

Cover by Greg Staples

Genre – Sci-Fi

Here’s the line-up for this special edition of the Prog
Sci-fi 15 contentsThis is the second Sci-Fi Special of the modern era. Last year’s special focused on the newer talents from 2000AD. This year there is a Movies theme. Continue reading

Razorjack by John Higgins – including back up story scripted by Michael Carroll

A creator owned project
Published by Titan May 2013

Written, inked and coloured by John Higgins

Deadfall Script & Art by John Higgins
Letters by JP Rutter & Mark McKenzie-Ray

A Glimpse of Summer scripted by Michael Carroll
Art by John Higgins
Letters by JP Rutter

Razorjack was created by John Higgins

John Higgins is known to me primarily through his 2000AD work. He is also famously the Colourist on Watchmen and Batman: The Killing Joke. Similarly with Michael Carroll I first encountered him in the pages of 2000AD where he is now one of the regular Writers on Judge Dredd. Michael also has a successful series of novels not connected to 2000AD, New Heroes.

Higgins PalI help run a Judge Dredd convention called Lawgiver and Michael Carroll has been to both conventions we have held so far. John Higgins was at this year’s convention in Bristol on Bank Holiday Monday 25th of May.

One of the other members of the Organisers Group shared this picture with me, Judge Pal who is in the photo, for a pen picture I wrote about John for the event. The other character is Razorjack, I hadn’t even heard of the character (bad me).

So I contacted Waterstones and they hooked me up with a copy of the hardback. I read this on the way from Leeds to Bristol. Continue reading

Yorkshire Regiment Parade at Royal Armouries Leeds – Waterloo 200th Anniversary

It was 200 years ago today that Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo by the allied forces of the Seventh Coalition. I spent most of the day at Royal Armouries in Leeds.

I will be at v the Armouries again at the weekend as the Waterloo commemoration continues. There will be a horse show by Atkinson Action Horses, seen recently in BBC’s Poldark.

The first thing I looked at was a canon newly installed in the Hall of Steel, this cannon is called Le Cigne, The Swan, and was part of the battery at Waterloo. Continue reading

2000AD Prog 1935 – spoiler light (preview pages)

1935 cover2000AD Prog 1935
Published in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release Saturday 13th June 2015

General release in print & digital Wednesday 17th June 2015

Available in all good stockists,  2000AD iOS AppAndroid Ap & 2000AD Shop

Genre – Sci-Fi

Here’s the line-up for this Prog 1935 contentsTharg uses the return of Outlier to remind everyone that back issues are available via the 2000AD Online Shop. He also talks about Judge Dredd Megazine 361 being a great place to start due to a full set of new stories – you can read my Preview. Continue reading

Gunsuits issue 1 by Tobin, Holden, Rodriguez & Dillon – spoiler light


Issue 1
Published by merican Gothic Press
June 2015

Created by Philip Kim

Writer: Paul Tobin
Art: PJ Holden
Colours: Diego Rodriguez
Letters: Marshall Dillon

Cover: PJ Holden

Gunsuits_01_CVRBI think the cover pictured may have been the Preview version. The image is the same on mine but the logos, etc are different. There is an alternative cover by Darick Robertson also available.

I heard about this before it was out & tried to pre-order but had difficulties. PJ Holden suggested I try Big Bang Comics which I did.

My copy arrived today bagged & boarded – and Autographed by PJ! I knew it was autographed before it arrived as Big Bang had told me so. But it had slipped my mind.

I first came across PJ Holden in the pages of 2000AD. This blog is rather Judge Dredd/2000AD centric and many of the comics I Preview or Review are linked by having creators in common. Department of Monsterology is a prime example. So when I saw PJ was illustrating a 4 part comic about folks in big armoured suits fighting monsters… I had to see it. Continue reading

Interview with Dan Cornwell – Artist on Rok of the Reds by John Wagner & Alan Grant

RomP1cropBack in November I reviewed The Heather Ale by Jack Lothian & Alan Brown. In that review I mentioned the news that a new comic had been announced by the publisher Black Hearted Press. That title was Rok of The Reds written by John Wagner & Alan Grant and illustrated by Dan Cornwell.

The comic will be colour, here is what it looks like in ink.

John Grant and Alan Wagner are giants of the UK Comic industry. Two of the finest. Dan Cornwell is a lesser known name, he is from small press background and I only know his work from Dogbreath, a 2000AD fanzine.

Dogbreath is dedicated to the story Strontium Dog, created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. Dan illustrated a story in Dogbreath 28 and Dogbreath 29.

I had interviews with John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra published in Dogbreath 28, I’ve since published them on this blog.

So you can imagine the excitement of the Dogbreath team and those of us that read it and/or have also contributed to it.

You can see more of Dan’s art and read about his journey on his blog at WordPress.

Continue reading

Judge Dredd Megazine 361 – Jump On Point – Spoiler Light (preview Pages

Meg 361Judge Dredd Megazine 361

Published in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release
Saturday 13th June 2015

General release in print & digital
Wednesday 17th June 2015

Available in all good stockists,  2000AD iOS App, Android Ap & 2000AD Shop

Genre – Sci-Fi

Matt Smith, Editor of the Megazine, introduces this Jump On edition where all the stories start this issue.

Among the strips is Storm Warning by Leah Moore, John Reppion and Tom Foster. Tom won the 2000AD Portfolio Competition at Thought Bubble in Leeds in 2013. You can read an interview with Tom about winning the competition. I’ve also interviewed Leah and John.

Also in this issue is a new Dredd story from Gordon Rennie and Carlos Ezquerra, And yes, I’ve interviewed both of them, Gordon’s interview is mostly about Jaigir and the interview of Carlos is about Strontium Dog and was originally printed in Dogbreath issue 28.

I’ve not interviewed the rest of the creators in this issue… well not yet anyway.

Here’s what is in the issue.

Meg 361 contents

Great to see an interview with Alex Ronald! Continue reading