Kirkby SciBar – 1st Meeting Announced – 7th July 2015

SciBarKirkby SciBar
Tuesday 7th July
Oceanography: from Microbes to Global Climate

Meeting at:
Holy Angels Social Club, Kirkby, L32 0TP

Doors 18:45
Talk Starts: 19:00
Event runs to: 21:00

Facebook Page

‘It’s Science… In a bar!’

I don’t write much about Science on this Blog, beyond a few articles on Nature such as my articles on Polar Bears, Tigers, Wildcats, Wolves. it is however a topic I find interesting.

I watch quite a lot of science documentaries, including nature, paleontology, physics, geology & geography and more. I might write more on these topics from time to time.

oceanographyThe organiser of Kirkby SciBar is my son-in-law Matt Donnelly. Matt is a Scientist, having a BSc and PhD, and has research experience at sea in the South Atlantic. He also shares interests with me in SciFi, he is a big Star Trek fan.

Given Matt’s background with research in watery subjects it comes as no surprise to me that the first meeting deals with Oceanography.

The idea behind SciBar is to spread knowledge and understanding in science. Holding the meetings in a relaxed atmosphere of a bar to make the subjects less threatening to some. The meetings will hopefully also dispell some myths on topics that are dealt with.

I’d imagine Matt will be attempting to vary the topics to keep the interest of those that attend. Sadly as it is a week day and I live in Leeds I won’t be able to attend.

If you can get there, please do go along and join in.

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