More opinions on Lawgiver MkII

LG MkII mastheadLawgiver MkII was held on Bank Holiday Monday, 25th May 2015 at Doubletree by Hilton in Bristol. A ‘Celebration of Dredd’ in its second year.

I was part of the Organisers Group and ran two Panels on the day.

There have already been a number of write-ups online and I’ve highlighted those that I have seen. Here are two more, one from a fellow Organiser and the other from an attendee (or Citizen as we refer to them). Also there is a great set of photos taken at the convention.

monster photographyFirstly the photos, by Monster Photogrophy. Lovely studies of many of the costumes on show. Lawgiver being so singular on topic draws a higher proportion of costumers among attendees by far, I’d say roughly half of the attendees had some form of costume.

Among the brilliant costumes are a number of creative takes on the Comic and film Judge Dredd Uniforms, Judge Death and the only non-Dredd costume there, Marshal Law.

More on Martial Law is planned for later this month.

kelly v fearKelly Kanyama was there and wrote a piece for Women Write about Comics. Here seen battling Judge Fear in her Ma-Ma outfit, see her write-up for more on that.

Lawgiver is a very inclusive event by design and Kelly tackles this issue in her article. Though there were no female Guests, solely due to who is available for a Dredd Convention.

Obviously diversity is a topic of Dredd with a wide range of issuers being tackled over the years, given the slant of Dredd some don’t always get the message – essentially the totalitarian state of Mega-City One is BAD, equality is good. When we can get female Guests we will do so but it is a fact that most Judge Dredd creators are White, Male and British – yes I know Carlos Ezquerra is Spanish, we’ll get him to Lawgiver one day if we can. The only female involved in Judge Dredd in comics is Emma Beeby, as such she is in high demand.

ECBTThen there is this one from ECBT by Scowlin Monkey.

Scowling Monkey is also known as Judge Pal and was one of the Moderators at Lawgiver MkII. He has been on the Organisers Group with me since Lawgiver started, he was there to help keep folk moving around to the right places last year. This year he grilled a few of the Guests on their opinion of Justice Department ‘a Force for Good or Evil’.

A tough topic with Pete Doherty on the panel. I think the audience really liked Pete’s incredulous look at the question and his devil-may-care pizza munching.

Judge Pal has boundless good natured energy for all things Dredd and was also running a competition to find the Top Nark. In the comic Judge Pal encourages kids to rat on parents, friends and neighbours. The Top Nark went to Steven John Ellis of SFX fame… I’ve not yet found out how or why…

I’ll bring more write-ups when I hear of them. No news on a third Lawgiver convention as yet and I doubt there will be for a few months as each stage of the planning process can take quite a while.

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