Yorkshire Evening Post – video introducing Atkinson Action Horses & Royal Armouries Waterloo Event 20th & 21st June 2015

30 shillingsI wrote earlier about a few things that are marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo next week. There is a small article on the Yorkshire Evening Post’s website about the show at the Royal Armouries.

Andy Deane, part of the Education Team at Royal Armouries introduces the event and Mark Atkinson can be seen in full uniform (Lifeguards I think) behind him with his mount, Johnny Wilkinson. Johnny was the stunt double for Seamus in the recent BBC series Poldark. Andy mentions the Jousting that happens at Royal Armouries where the Atkinsons provide the horses, Squires and Ground Crew. You can view the video on the Yorkshire Evening Post site.

I’m a huge fan of the Armouries and Atkinson Action Horses and I’ll be there Saturday & Sunday to see the show.

I’ll also be there on Thursday 18th of June which is the actual day the historic battle too place 200 years ago. There will be a number of attractions on the day including a parade to commemorate the battle.

Waterloo was a crucial battle. Had Napoleon beaten Wellington and Blucher, the British and Prussian Commanders, in all likelihood more would have flocked to his banners and Europe may have fallen. History would have played out very differently; for good or ill.

I’ll be writing about what I see at the Armouries next week and I hope some readers of this b log might also go along.

If you haven’t read it please have a look at my article about Friedrich Brandt, a 23 year old soldier who died at Waterloo fighting for Britain as part of the Kings German Legion.


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