Judge Dredd Mega Collection News

Mega CollectionIt seems there have been some delays with deliveries to Subscribers for Issues 10 & 11 of the collection. That is Shimura and Day of Chaos The Fourth Faction.

The good news is that they are on their way and if you haven’t received them today you can check with them on Facebook whether your issues have been dispatched, more details about how to do that at the end of this article

Sad news, well at least in my opinion, is that it seems the Pdf Previews I was receiving have been discontinued. This is due to the fact that as with most Part Works the Mega Collection is no longer available on general release in shops. Though you may be able to obtain copies from some retailers still.

So sadly no more Previews from me, my last Preview was for Shimura. I will write a Review however when I receive my copy of the books. That will hopefully be around the same time most readers receive their copies.

Some retailers, most likely the specialist Local Comic Stores (LCS), will continue to stock a few issues that you can pick up at leisure. Most stockists will be able to secure a regular order for you. Some will request a deposit covering one or more issues at cover price. Arrangements will vary from store to store, I’m not certain but I’d assume most LCS will order a copy without a deposit as they will likely be able to sell the issue if you should fail to collect.

Of course you can still SUBSCRIBE online. You’ll only receive the standard Subscriber gifts if you start your Subscription with Issues 1, 2, 3 or 4, see their site for full details.

Some news on the Premium Subscriptions. The Limited Edition Prints are now being sent out. Some people have failed to read the small print carefully and have been surprised to be charged for these gifts. The reason for this is explained in those T&Cs and it is quite fair. I’ve highlighted the important parts below.

  • There are 6 limited edition prints to collect. Each print is 10″ x 8″ in size and comes with a mount.

  • If you opt for a premium subscription, you will receive your first limited edition print with issue 10, after which you will receive a print every 14 issues.

  • If you start your premium subscription in the middle of a run of 14 issues, you can receive the print for this run by making up the difference in price of those issues for which you only paid a standard subscription amount.

That’s fair to all Premium Subscribers.

You can view the announcement about the delivery of Issues 10 & 11 on their Facebook Page, which is embeded below..


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