Tables Turn… This time I am the interviewee

It was a pleasant surprise to be asked by Emily for an interview! I am more used to doing the asking and the interviewing.

Here is the link to the interview, you can read on for a little detail about the interviewer, Emily.

I have done quite a few interviews now on here. I also interviewed John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra for Dogbreath. Then there is the moderating I do on Panels at Lawgiver.

Emily has a tumblr account that is predominantly about Judge Dredd. There are some lovely bits of art on there, including her own.

Emily is a recent recruit having come to Dredd through the magnificent Dredd 2012 movie by Alex Garland starting Karl Urban. Mighty welcome she is too.

If you pop on the official 2000AD Forum you can read some of her craziness – such as mapping Mega-City One. Her handle on there is mimikeke. (I am Bat King on there)

You may already have heard her voice without knowing because itvwas Emily that asked Karl Urban to read an excerpt from Judge Dredd: America. At the moment I can’t locate the correct version, however if you have seen a version with the request included that is Emily.

Check out the rest of her tumblr.

An illustrated version of Karl Urban reading America. Thanks for asking him to do this Emily!


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