Creators Corner – a few worthy websites

2000AD-LogoI’ve written a couple of articles on 2000AD and Judge Dredd fan sites in August and September 2014. I will do something similar again at some point. This article is slightly different – this one is about a few comic creators and their websites.

I’m starting with the creator of 2000AD, Pat Mills, and going through to someone who has his first big book on the way, Rom of the Reds artist Dan Cornwell. I’ll be bridging these two with the site’s of Leah Moore/John Reppion and Thomas Foster.

There is a 2000AD connection to all these sites and indeed I have interviewed all of those I am featuring here, a link to the interviews is at the end of the article. Here I say only a few short words about each site and the creators involved. I suggest you take a look around them.

Pat MillsPat Mills was the creator of 2000AD and wrote many of the early strips for the ‘Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’. He continues to write for 2000AD with Slaine, Savage (starring Bill Savage from Invasion), Flesh and ABC Warriors.

His website is called Millsverse, a term coined by fans to describe the interlinked stories he has penned for 2000AD.

Pat Mills is very open on his opinions and on his website he discusses freely jis recollections of his time in British comics.

MOOREnREPPIONLeah Moore and John Reppion are a husband and wife team. While they do also write separately it is common to find them writing together. They share their site with each other, called Moore & Reppion.

Leah is the daughter of Alan Moore, so from childhood was surrounded by some of the most gifted writers of the late 20th Century.

On their site they do not confine themselves to their own works. For example at the moment John is writing about Susanna Clarke’s novel Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, the BBC TV adaptation ended today.

thomas fosterTom Foster is currently to be found illustrating Storm Warning in Judge Dredd Megazine, penned by Leah and John.

Tom was runner up in the 2012 Thought Bubble 2000AD Portfolio Competition and won in 2013. Ihad tipped him to win in 2012, as you’ll see in my interview with him. His prize was a paid commission in 2000AD, no flash in the pan as evidenced by his current strip in the Megazine.

Tom doesn’t put many words into his site, to my knowledge he only has his Deviant Art page, which of course shows a wide range of his art.

RomP1cropDan Cornwell was spotted in the pages of Dogbreath, a fanzine dedicated to yjr 2000AD strip Strontium Dog, by Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog co-creator John Wagner.

Dan has illustrated a number of small press comics but is now currently working on Rom of the Reds by John wagner and Alan Grant. That’s pretty amazing for someone to go from working on art for a fanzine to working on art for a comic with two of comic heroes.

Dan has a wordpress blog where you can learn more about him and his work.


So there are four sites to have a look at. Four different creators at different stages in their careers.

Here are the links to the interviews I have done with these creators:

Pat Mills
Leah Moore & John Reppion
Thomas Foster
Dan Cornwell


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