New and improved 2000AD iOs Ap launches with Bundle Offers.

new 2000ad ios apThe new iOs Ap has launched where readers worldwide can access the Judge Dredd Megazine each month as well as an impressive back catalogue of graphic novels from 2000AD publisher Rebellion.

I am not an iOs product owner so can’t list the exact offers, sorry about that. However these include full year bundles of 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine available for the years 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Download the new 2000 AD app for Apple devices

One of the main things about this Ap is that new products from Rebellion, including the weekly 2000AD and monthly Judge Dredd Megazine are released digitally worldwide the same day that the comics are in UK and Ireland stores.

So wherever you are in the world you can keep up to date easily.

Current users of the 2000AD Newsstand Ap will be able to log in to the new Ap with the same log-in details they already use. The old Ap can still be used to obtain the weekly 2000AD Prog. The new Ap is also instantly part of the linked-up service that Rebellion offer to readers. Anything already bought through the Newstand Ap, through the 2000AD Webshop or Android Ap will be synced on the new iOs Ap.

Rebellion PR, Michael Molcher says:

“Thanks to the app, Earthlets hungry for Thrill-power can buy individual issues or select one of our great value subscription options, then have the latest issue delivered direct to their iPad or iPhone every week! Subscribers can save up to 24% and get a range of back issues totally FREE!

And for those who are new to 2000 AD there are FREE sample issue featuring some of 2000 AD’s top stories, including Judge Dredd, Kingdom, Ichabod Azrael, and many more!”

You can still download the weekly Prog app on Apple Newsstand

Android users can download the 2000 AD app for Android devices


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