Planet Replicas are Go! – F.A.B. news of a new license for the prop company

ThunderBPlanet Replicas and ITV Studios Global Entertainment have teamed up for a thrilling new line in prop replicas.

Planet Replicas were born out of the fan film Judge Minty where they made most of the props used in the Judge Dredd based film, including comic accurate Judge Uniforms. That film led to Planet Replicas securing the license to produce and sell Judge Dredd props and uniforms.

The prop company have gone on to expand its 2000AD branded goods and gain a license for Mars Attacks. You can see more about their range by visiting their Website and Webshop

Now Planet Replicas have added Thunderbirds to their product line, after quite a period of speculation from customers regarding what was coming next.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the world famous YV show Thundirbirds Planet Replicas and ITV Studios have signed a deal that will see new high end replicas of Thunderbirds Props for fans to not only own but also to wear.

The first prop that will be available is Personal Intercall Wrist Communicator worn by the character Brains in Episode 6, Season 1 – ‘Day of Disaster‘ (first broadcast on 4th November 1965).

Thunderbirds was an instant hit in the 1960s. Gerry and Sylvia Anderson brought a science fiction tale full of great characters such as Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward and her Butler/Chauffeur Parker. The characters were all puppets acting out the story on sets. There were also a number of detailed scale-model, the Andersons dubbed this style ‘Supermarionation’. Gerry Anderson first used the technique on a Western TV series he made for Granada TV in 1959-60, Four Feather Falls, though the term wasn’t used until the series Supercar (1961-62).

There are no images of the Personal Intercall Wrist Communicator as yet nor any information of what other Thunderbirds items can be expected.

2000AD fans are keenly awaiting confirmation that Planet Replicas will be releasing Strontium Dog props. They are currently working on a Strontium Dog fan film with the same team that made Judge Minty.


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