English – my non standard practices – Capitalisation

EnglishIn articles I write on this blog I often use capitals in sentences where others wouldn’t. This is a deliberate choice of mine and as such is a form of non-standard English. You won’t see the same in my Original Fiction (there I go capitalising words that should be in lower case).

Non-standard English isn’t ‘wrong’. Dialects are non-standard English for example. Text speak is a form of non-standard English as is Leet.

So why do I capitalise in a non-standard way?

I tend to capitalise the subject of articles I am writing. So in an article about comics I will write Comics. Obviously as the topic of this article is regarding English you’ll not really spot anything different as the capital E is following standard English rules.

In standard English we capitalise proper nouns and titles – so Judge-Tutor Semple is correct. We also capitalise the pro-noun I. English, as a word itself, is an adjective from the proper noun of the country it originates from, England as such the E is always a capital. This is the case for adjectives and other words directly derived from the proper noun such as French, Buddist or Darwinism.

In articles I often make certain words a proper noun, as with the example above and the word Comics. Some of these words I will almost always use in this way. Examples of this are Human and the names of other species such as Tiger, Gorilla erc when I am making the species the focus.

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