MH – When Coping Mechanisms can’t Cope (possible Trigger: coping mechanisms not working)

Writing is very important to me.

Not only is it a form in which I find a way to express myself but writing also helps me cope with Stress, Anxiety and Depression. Usually.

At the moment I’m struggling to write. This is due to the fact that levels of Anxiety and Depression I am experiencing are much higher than usual. My reasons may well be very different to the reasons that other people might experience an increase in stress. The reason isn’t the subject of this article – the effects are.

Firstly lets consider Stress.

Stress is a natural part of life, without stress life would be very different. Stress of hunger makes us eat. Stress of being alone makes us seek out others. These are just two simple examples of how stress shapes our lives. Stress gives us the impetus to do things and stress actually gives us fulfillment and enjoyment.

Really? Well yes, consider sports or fun fair rides for example. The stress of activity releases chemicals that instigate reactions to the stress and give payoffs of feeling good. Of course we are all individuals so the activities we get enjoyment from will vary – I like walking in the countryside (and I’m lucky enough to live very close to some very nice countryside).

So stress is important to life but at times we can’t cope. Whether we are aware of them or not we all have coping mechanisms to deal with those times that stress gets too much.

Finding a comfy spot and reading a book, or listening to music or watching a favourite film or TV series is a common way of relaxing. Relaxing is one of the main ways we deal with stress.

When stress becomes too much for our usual coping mechanisms we can feel anxious and we may become depressed.

Those of us that have experienced problems with Anxiety and Depression become increasingly aware of coping mechanisms. Mindfulness and other relaxation techniques are common types of coping mechanisms.

Some of my favourite coping mechanisms are writing, this blog helps a lot, and watching documentaries.

Sadly lately I’ve been unable to write as my stress levels have simply been so high that I’ve been in an almost constant state of Anxiety and/or depression. I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to write reviews or previews. I’ve tried but the standard wasn’t suitable. I’ve also struggled reading.

So I’ve had to use other coping mechanisms. Watching TV has helped and I have benefitted from walking in the countryside. But getting back to my writing is essential as it is such an integral part of me. I’ve written for my own enjoyment from childhood and to not be able to write has made life so very awkward.

I have two small press graphic novels and a live music gig to review, I feel awful for not already having those reviews written up. I will catch up, hopefully this coming week.

The key thing though I believe is to accept the circumstance. If I let the issue of my coping mechanisms not working my MH will plummet. It has been a struggle to accept this situation but I am getting there.


2 comments on “MH – When Coping Mechanisms can’t Cope (possible Trigger: coping mechanisms not working)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    My coping mechanism broke 2 weeks ago. I have nothing left to give. I just want to sit and cry and sleep, but I don’t have the energy for even that. What can I do to fix things? How do I get my zen back?

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