Live Music: Dr Crow and the Forbidden Zone – Leeds 30th June 2015

I’m late writing this review, things have been a little less than ideal here. Better late than never.

Tuesday 30th June 2015
The Packhorse
Woodhouse Lane

Headlined and organised by Dr Crow and the Forbidden Zone.

I arrived a little later than planned due to the heat, I was going to go straight from work but in the end realised I needed to go home and change. So I missed the opening act and came in part way through the second support, Hombre.

Jarnail Mudhar – vocals, guitars, sax, keyboard
Sean Carey – Bass
Doug Jopling ‘Dusty’ – Drums
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I hadn’t heard anything by Hombre before, but a friend that I had hooped might be able to come along with me had. Sadly my friend was a no show so I had to form my own opinion.

This three piece from Leeds had a very well put together set. I struggled throughout trying to thin k of comparisons for this review and mostly failed. There was at one point what I picked up just a hint of Steppenwolf but I can’t say which of their songs (not Born to be Wild). A very fresh and original feel

A very interesting cover of The Model by Kraftwerk was the only song I knew. The arrangement was pretty different and pleasing.

There was a short break between Hombre and the headliners and I refreshed my glass.

Dr Crow and the Forbidden Zone
Dr Om Crow – Vocals
Glenn Shultz – Guitars
Jas Nakhwal – Bass
Andy Twigg – Keys
Mark Thomson – Drums

This was who I’d come to see after previously reviewing their EPs.

The stage had been fine for Hombre but with an extra two bodies it was looking cramped. However the band managed to make the space work for them, impressive.

Dr Om Crow’s voice on the EPs had piqued my interest and I wondered what he’d sound like live. I wasn’t disappointed.

The payoff for me was how he delivered his performance with a nice air of theatrics. With the persona of a Snake-oil Salesman. As he paced the stage the Guitar and Bass made it their job not to be in his way. The characterisation carried throughout the set and even through the instrument solos there was something to watch Dr Crow for.

I was wearing my Lawgiver t-shirt emblazoned with the Semple name and I couldn’t help but think I was in the Cursed Earth listening to a Radlander plying his trade in a dusty township, it certainly was hot enough.

I did take time to watch the other members of the band and pay attention to the music. The songs were all familiar to me from the EPs and I heard some of the same influences that I had heard at home.

A very enjoyable evening. Live and recorded Dr Crow and the Forbidden Zone had delivered the medicine.

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