Rule32: Enjoy The little Things – Two Years On

Rile 32 DiceRule32 Promotions started off with a crowd funding pitch on Indigogo for a Cafe/Venue for get-togethers to celebrate all things geek.

The idea was not just to have a themed Cafe but to run events, such as Games Nights, a place for geeks run by geeks. I popped a wee bit in to the hat after hearing about the idea on Twitter. I got in touch with them and arranged to interview them about their idea.

The interview is available here and if you read to the end you’ll see me suggesting a Dredd get-together and/or Judge Minty night. Funny that given how things have turned out.The guys didn’t get to buy the location they were looking at but it didn’t deter them and they ran a few get-togethers that sadly I could never get to. However in time a little idea formed in their collective heads.

I received a message out of the blue asking me if I’d like to be involved in a Judge Dredd themed event, Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd and run a couple of Panels. I’d never run a Panel in my life up to that point but agreed enthusiastically. I’ve done a bit of acting at School and Am-dram and I’ve been a keen Role-player for years (table-top and Live) so was sure I’d be able to conquer any nerves and not make too much of an ass of myself.

Well Rule32 Promotions delivered a success in Spades on 5th May 2014, you can read my very brief comments on the event that I wrote in August 2014. I wasn’t very comfortable at the time writing much about things I was personally involved in, I’m not quite so troubled by self publicity now.

That May Bank Holiday in 2014 brought together a small, enthusiastic group of Judge Dredd fans together to share our interest, to meet some of the creators who entertain us and to watch Judge Minty and Dredd (2012). It was a great success with many attendees asking straight away for another.

Personally it was amazing to be involved in that first Lawgiver convention. I got to run a panel with three great Artists and another with Cast & Crew from Judge Minty. All the Guests, including those not on my Panels, were great to meet and put a lot of themselves in to the cozy little event.

This year a bigger Lawgiver took place in Bristol on the later Bank Holiday, 25th May 2015. There were no film screenings but the Guest List had grown, we retained four of the Guests 2000AD creators from the first event and added a slew of extra faces. You can see more details about who was there in this article I wrote about the program announcement.

Again the event was a success and again many attendees were clamouring for a third Lawgiver. I heard rumours that at least one of the new Guests made it known he’d like to be there if a there was another. Indeed we had a famous fan of 2000AD show interest we could only half-hope for:

I think it is clear that what Rule32 set out to do they have achieved. I’m really grateful to them for including me in the fun two years running and I’m hoping there will be a third and that I’ll be running Panels again.

Furthermore; it was announced on Facebook in June 2015 that not only were plans still in place for a Rule32 Cafe, another bigger Lawgive but that Rule32 have been asked to help run the Flash Gordon 35 Year Cast Reunion in November 2015.


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