Horse Training Shows at Royal Armouries Summer 2015

Horse Shows starring Atkinson Action Horses
Royal Armouries, Leeds

HorsiesWednesdays from 29th July to 2nd September

Shows at 12:00 & 15:00 each Wednesday
Children £2.00
Adults £4.00
Family £10.00 (2 Adults, 2 Children)

Tickets available

Atkinson Action Horses will be at Royal Armouries each Wednesday during the six week School Holiday period. The first shows are tomorrow, Wednesday 29th July 2015.

Atkinson Action horses are a world famous stunt display team that have appeared in a nymber of Films and TV shows. Recently Ben Atkinson was stunt double for Aiden Turner in BBC’s Poldark. All the horses in Poldark were from Atkinson Action Horses.

Mark Atkinson, seen in the picture above, and his son Ben lead the team that can call on over a dozen riders. They have a large stock of horses of a variety of breeds. As well as providing horses and riders for Film and TV they also provide horses to Jousts around the country such as at Royal Armouries and Arundel International Tournament. They breed horses for sale to riders and train horses and riders commercially.

What can you expect at these shows?

I can’t be certain as I do not know which of the many riders will be appearing. However Mark and Ben will certainly be there.

Ben will be demonstrating how he trains the horses to do the stunts. Trust between horse and rider is paramount and this begins from the moment Ben starts to train a horse. I understand these shows may include an untrained horse going through training throughout Summer. As this is a live show there will be variations throughout the season.

Among the stunts that Atkinson Action Horses perform are; falls, rider and/or horse; rearing; jumps; acrobatics. One of the most popular stunts is Roman Riding which started in Ancient Greece before the founding of Rome.

You can find out more by visiting the Atkinson Action Horses website. Ben has a YouTube account, you can see a couple of videos from that account below.

Here is Ben training a matched pair of grays, Felix and Frank, to perform a jump while Roman Riding.

And here – the Capriole


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