2000AD/Judge Dredd Gatherings and events 31st July & 1st August

lawgiverdredd01There’s been a lull in these articles, I usually do one each month rounding up any 2000AD/Judge Dredd get-togethers or Events that I am aware of. Normal service will resume in August, which is very close.

The title image on this article is by Eisner Nominated Artist Neil McClements (Best Anthology & Best Reality-Based 2015)

Just two Events to tell you about at very short notice, apologies to both organisers but I am sure there will be great turnouts without any help from me.

Friday 31st July is the next date for the Belfast 2000AD Discussion Group and Saturday 1st of August is the Opening Night Preview of the art display Judgement in Cardiff!

Belfast DG2Belfast 2000AD Discussion Group are really coming along and putting some of the other groups to shame. Not the Jocks (their name, not mine), cos the Jocks manage to shame themselves enough without Belfast’s help (The Jocks’ event almost always get cancelled). The Southers get more at their dos. The last Norts gathering was two guys who work together. The Welsh Contingent usually get a good number but that’s due to food I think.

The DSDC (Birmingham based) managed about 50 as a fringe meet at Lawgiver MkII (in Bristol)…

The Belfast group’s Organiser, Jack Porter said on 21st July:

“The next meeting of the Belfast 2000AD Discussion Group will be on Friday, 31st July.
It is set to coincide with the screening of Future Shock, the 2000AD documentary, being shown at the Queen’s Film Theatre.
We will be meeting at The Parlour Bar at 7pm for a few pre-show beverages, so please come along to say hi.
Attendance is mandatory. No excuses allowed. Thrill suckers will be set upon any who cannot make it. (minor edit)
There may also be a special guest…… Who knows??!!!!”

and then on 29th July he revealed (emphasis is mine) that:

“I hope you’re all looking forward to this Friday’s meet up.
We start off at the Parlour Bar, on Elmwood Avenue, at 7pm. Then it will be on to University Square, to watch Future Shock at the QFT, at 8.40pm.
Special guests will be in attendance. Ryan Brown will be joining us, and has kindly offered 2 of his beautiful prints as part of a wonderfully unique competition. Judge Dredd will also be there, dishing out justice, and cracking skulls.
Over 70 tickets have sold for the screening, so it should be a totally Zarjaz evening!”

Logo_judgement_270x110Judgement in Cardiff is a new art display in the capital of Wales. They will be displaying a large number of original pieces by many of the best artists to draw Judge Dredd. The venue is – 3rd floor, 102 Bute Street, CF10 5AD, Cardiff

This has been a very interesting project to keep an eye on as it developed, they’ve done a brilliant job putting it together and keeping the buzz going.

Doors open on Saturday at 16:30 there will be an Artist Discussion Panel, led by Judge Pal I believe, at 17:00. Artists that will be attending (though I don’t know if they are all on the Panel) are – Mike Collins, Patrick Goddard, Grant Richards, David Roach, William Simpson and Dylan Teague. If you are a Judge Dredd fan and are thinking ‘who is Grant Richards?’ I can explain all. Grant is as yet unpublished but his artwork is outstanding, I saw some of it at Lawgiver MkII in May. The display is later open for a preview.

The show itself is daily, except for Thursday & Friday, from 12:00 till 17:00 from Sunday 2nd to Sunday 16th of August. There will be a signing at The Comic Guru store by Dave Taylor on Saturday 8 August from 13:00 – 416:00 and Dave will be giving a talk at Judgement in Cardiff at 17:00 on the same day.

The organisers, Caped in Case, said:

“The exhibition brings together some of the finest artists ever to draw Dredd as well as more recently published and up and coming artists. From private commissions by the character’s co-creator – Spanish artist Carlos Ezquerra, through incredibly inked pages by legends such as Mick McMahon and David Roach, to fully painted covers and digitally painted covers respectively by Glenn Fabry and Ryan Brown the exhibition features the richness of stylistic approaches to the character and the world he inhabits.
The pages on display at ‘Judgement in Cardiff’ have been lent to Caped in Case for the purpose of this exhibition either by the artists themselves or from private collections.”


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