America NA Edition – Spoiler light (6 pages preview art)

JD America USJudge Dredd: America
Published by Rebellion

North America Edition
US/CANADA ONLY: 11 August 2015 $18.99

Available in digital from: Amazon Kindle, Nook, 2000AD iOS AppAndroid Ap & 2000AD Shop

Script: John Wagner
Art: Colin MacNeil
Colour: Alan Cradock, Chris Blythe
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

America is often held up as one of the most important stories in Judge Dredd’s history. You may have noticed I didn’t phrase that sentence ‘Judge Dredd story’. The lead story was originally published in the first issue of Judge Dredd Megazine and was received with critical acclaim. Granted not all were fans but many were won over on second readings. those that needed winning over mostly didn’t like the fact that Dredd wasn’t the central character.

Central to this story is America Jara, a girl born in Mega City One. She is the first child born in the Big Meg to an immigrant family from the Puerto Rican Wastes. Named America for the new start her family are getting. Then there is her childhood friend Bennett Beeny. Bennett grows to be a successful entertainer. America goes a different root, she becomes a terrorist fighting for her beliefs. America believes in Democracy.

Preview pages are at the end of the review, after the list of Contents.

The Judge System is well known to readers of Judge Dredd. This was the first issue of the Megazine and something new was wanted. Stories had seen the Citizen’s point of view before, to a degree. This story took that perspective much further. The intro from John Wagner sets the scene perfectly, both in publication history and why, and how, the story was written.

It is a gritty story and one of the first that is set in a Mega-City One that is more like a city we can recognise as an America of the near future, less zany than the 70’s & 80’s Dredd. Granted not as close to realism as Dredd (2012), 2000AD didn’t want to go that real. In 1977 122 years, that is how far ahead the world of Judge Dredd is from ours, felt further away than it did in 1990 and now we are living in the Century that Dredd was ‘born’ it seems much closer.

The Judges are not just Judge, Jury and Executioner. They are the Government, the Executive and the Legislative branch all in one./ The Elected Mayor of Mega-City One is a puppet with no powers. At this point ion Dredd’s history the best Mayor that had served the city was an Orangutan, and not an uplift (an Ape with intelligence of a Human). Since then the best Mayor was a mass murderer who had stolen another person’s ID.

Whether the Justice Department is the best thing for Mega-City One has been debated, indeed it was the topic of a Panel at Lawgiver MkII earlier this year. Many of the creators that have worked on Judge Dredd through the years are certain the answer is obvious.

This story really looks close at the topic, from a Citizen’s point of view.

The support stories follow on from America. Time’s past in real time, just as it usually does in the world of Judge Dredd. In these two stories we learn the ultimate future for the Jara and Beeny families. Just where does their story lead? With this being the first North American print odf the story I shan’t say. Even the first page of Fading of The Light is a spoiler for the lead story, the preview pages are all from America.

The artwork in this book is all from Colin MacNeil and his style has altered slightly over the years and I’ve seen questions about the recent Judge Dredd Mega Collection in the UK whether it is one man or a psuedonym for several Aerists. Colin is indeed a singular individual. Added to the change in Colin’s style the second two stories are coloured by different Artists, which perhaps enhances the differences to make some readers jump to this conclusion. Chris Blythe is the most regular colourist on Judge Dredd, though some Artists still colour their own Pencils and Inks.

Colin’s art is very consistent and he is a firm favourite with regular readers. He is the co-creator of a Dredd World spin off, Insurrection. Well worth a read, the preview I’ve linked to in the previous sentence is not Part One…

You will note the numbering of the Megazine is a wee bit quirky. Numbering in Volume.Issue format was dispensed with issue 201.


Introduction by John Wagner


Script: John Wagner
Art: Colin MacNeil
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Originally published in Judge Dredd Megazine 1.01-1.07

Fading of The Light

Script: John Wagner
Art: Colin MacNeil
Colour: Alan Cradock
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Originally published in Judge Dredd Megazine 3.20-3.25


Script: John Wagner
Art: Colin MacNeil
Colour: Chris Blythe
Letters: Annie Parkhouse

Originally published in Judge Dredd Megazine 250-252


Original Script – Judge Dredd: Cadet, Part One (10 pages of script)
Covers – Meg 250 by Cliff Robinson & 252 by Karl Richardson (1 page)
Design sketches – America & Bennett by Colin MacNeil (1 page)

JD America US 1

JD America US 2

JD America US 3

JD America US 4

JD America US 5

JD America US 6


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