Zarjaz issue 24


Zarjaz 24
Published by Futurequake Press
July 2015

Edited by Richmond Clements & Dave Evans

Cover by Mike Collins

2000AD and related characters are copyright of Rebellion

Genre – Sci-Fi

This is a 2000AD Fanzine, sister publication to Dogbreath. This is a not for profit publication, charges cover publication and distribution only and it is available via the Futurquake website and a few branches of Forbidden Planet.

Previous issues have included contributions from professionals that have been published in the pages of 2000AD, such as Al Ewing who also writes a small title called Avengers for a US publisher named Marvel. Gone are the days when a fanzine was a wonky photocopy. This issue includes some of the best from British Small Press.

Often there is a variety of stories featuring characters from the rich history of 2000AD however this issue features eight stories set in the world of Dredd.

Judge Dredd: Yet Another Rainy Day
Writer: Mark Howard
Artist: David Broughton
Letters: Bolt-01

Mark Howard’s script includes wit that is rarely seen in the Prog these days, the strip has become far more serious in the past decade or so. Mark captures the character of the City and its Citizens well.

Artist David Broughton is a regular feature on this blog due to his amazing work rate. Architecture, vehicles and characters are all illustrated well.

Letters are handled well with Radio-chatter, Narration and Dialogue needing to be clear from each other.

Tales of Mega-City One: Death In Pictures
Writer: Shaun Avery
Artist: Bhuna
Letters: Bolt-01

A very intriguing plot that I could easily read more about.

Bhuna’s art is full of character and delivers a really good story. Hidden among the graffiti are mentions of other comic creatoras, as well as Chopper of course. I really liked this personal touch and I spotted some of the names on my first reading.

Dredd: Stance
by Martin Currie

This is the second photo-story I’ve seen from Martin Currie, this one is set in the Dredd (2012) continuity. Very nicely paced story with obvious knowledge of the character.

You can read a complete story by Martin on this blog.

Lowlife: Attack of the Naturists
Writer: McVeigh
Artist: Eddy Lyle

McVeigh is new to me Eddy Lyle illustrated a story in the latest edition of the Psychedelic Journal that I particularly enjoyed.

Here we have a story where the undercover branch of Justice Department take jurisdiction from Street Div. Great use of characters in the plot and a good over all feel to this story.

Judge Dredd: Cals Arena
Writers: Steven Austin & Mike Lynch
Artist: Steven Austin

Mike Lynch developed an idea by artist Steve Austin for this flash back to the time of Chief Judge Cal. The plot really runs smoothly and Steve Austin clearly loved drawing the characters he put in to the story. This wouldn’t be out of place slipped in to The Day The Law Died.

I’d like to see Steve Austin on art duties on MACH-1.

Red Razors- Masquerade
Writer: Matt Farr
Artist: Simon Petersen

It is years since I read Red Razors in Judge Dredd Megazine. This creator pairing is also new to me and they delivered a very enjoyable story.

Judge Dredd: Video Nasties
Writer: Lee Robson
Artist: John Hutcheson

A story with a film that can kill the viewer… scary stuff unless you are Judge Dredd (‘Gaze in to the fist of Dredd’ isn’t a line in this one). An intelligent story that uses a plot item from films such as The Ring.

Judge Dredd: Prometheus Unchained
Writer: David Griffiths
Artist: Stephen Prestwood

I’ve said it before, one of the most important characters in Judge Dredd stories is the city itself.



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