Dogbreath 30

CoverDB30WebDogbreath 30
Published by Futurequake Press
July 2015

Edited by Richmond Clements & Dave Evans

Cover by Jim Lavery

2000AD and related characters are copyright of Rebellion

Genre – Sci-Fi

Strontium Dog was created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra and first appeared in Starlord issue 1. The character made the transition to 2000AD when the titles merged in Prog 86 in October 1978.

You can read interviews with John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra on this blog that were originally published in Dogbreath Issue 28.

Dogbreath was started by Amanda Kear in 1997, a fanzine dedicated to Strontium Dog. The fanzine is now run as a not for profit magazine by Futurquake Press. To my knowledge this is the longest running comic fanzine.

There are six stories from the Strontium Dog setting in this edition. Not all include the main character Johnny Alpha, which gives a greater depth to the title.

Strontium Dog: Cart of Darkness
Writer Mark Howard
Artist: Jim Lavery
Letters: Bolt-01

This is the story that spawned this issue’s cover, by the same artist.

The cover shows Johnny surrendering to a mob while cradling an injured Wulf. How did Johnny and his Viking partner come to this end? Is this the end?

Mark Howard has a good grasp of Strontium Dog lore and has the nack of fitting a story in to five pages without skimping on plot. There is a great little joke included in Wulf’s dialogue.

Jim Lavery’s art is loyal to the original design without cramping his own style.

Strontium Dogs: The First Day
Writer: Matt Sharp
Artist: David Broughton
Letters: Bolt-01

Matt Sharp takes the readers on a tour of the Doghouse with three new S/D Agents. There are several areas and aspects of the life of a Strontium Dog shown in this story that add a few new views. One aspect it deals with is where the Stronts get all that cool gear. He also pokes a little fun at some of that gear.

David Broughton’s art is well matched to a tour, his eye for design of settings comes in useful here.

Durham Red: Come On You Reds
Writer Luke Foster
Artist P. L. Woods

An interesting story that has a connection, not direct, to Luke Foster’s story in Dogbreath 28. Luke wxplores what can happen when one’s reputation becomes widely known.

Nice crisp artwork from P L Woods. I’ve no idea if it is just me who sees a resemblance to a certain Welsh 2000AD Panel moderator to this version of Durham Red.

Middenface: The Wee Nap
Writer: Gavin Johnston
Artist: Simon Bennett Hayes
Letters: Bolt-01

Sunny Falkirk is where Gavin Johnston lays this scene, did I say ‘sunny’… I’m no specialist on the accent but this reads ok to me. Middenface is the narrator as well as protagonist in this tale of woe.

Nice depiction of rain by Simon Bennett Hayes. The female in this story is oddly familiar, not sure why but I think I’ve seen her somewhere before.

Tales of the Doghouse: The Second Chumming
Writer: Matt Sharp
Artist: Bruce McLaren

This story is predominantly text on two pages with one page of comic strip. Matt Sharp bring us an excerpt from an in world religious text. It isn’t clear who the antagonists are in this story or who the mystery Stront is that sorts out the mess. However who the religious sect are dedicated to shows either real-world reference or a I crossover waiting to happen.

Great art from Bruce McLaren that wouldn’t be out of place in 2000AD.

Strontium Dog: Tremor wings
Writer: Jim Alexander
Artist: Barry Renshaw
Letters: Baz

Set on a colony world somewhere outside the Solar System Johnny, Wulf and The Gronk investigate tragedy brought to one settlement by another half a world away. Jim Alexander uses a theory from Edward Norton Lorenz as the central premise.

Barry Renshaw’s art is an interesting gray-scale. Intentional or not I see some definite similarities in Johnny and Wulf to the actors who will portray the characters in the forthcoming fab film.


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