Maps from the World of Dredd – City of Dredd release some from the archive

CoD cityscapeI announced recently that together with my friend Ivan Noel I was planning a relaunch of John Caliber’s amazing Judge Fredd reference book the City of Dredd.

This isn’t part of my ‘Judge-Tutor Semple’ branding but obviously I’ll be highlighting updates to this not-for-profit fan project.

We’ve been asked about Maps. To keep costs down we can’t imagine including coloured Maps of Mega-City One or the wider World of Dredd (that was the title of John’s 2nd book, don’t expect a relaunch of that one for a while).

Today Ivan has released a set of Maps from our archive from the original files from John’s work.

So what are the Maps?

The Maps we’ve released are by John Caliber using information from maps previously published by 2000AD and from details from stories. John put a lot of thought in to the placement of detail.

MC1 2136There are 16 Maps in total including one of the Sectors of Mega-City One. You can see that Map here.

There is also a Map of the Sov Block area in 2136. You’llalso  find Oz, the British Isles and Eurozone.

These Maps show locations of known Citys and major settlements as well as giving details of the known radland wastes. All in quite a lot of detail.

One of the most detailed Maps is probably the detailed one of the Cursed Earth that identifies what modern USA looks like in the time of Judge Dredd.

You can get copies of these maps from our Facebook Page – City of Dredd Citizens Group. Please come along and join the group where we’ll keep everyone updated with the progress of the project.


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