See how Knights train to Joust – Royal Armouries 19th August 2015


This Summer at Royal Armouries there have been Horse Training Shows each Wednesday at 12:00 and 15:00.

This week, Wednesday 19th August 2015, the team will take go through their paces training for Jousting. With a special guest, Nicky Willis, a top flight British Female Jouster.

Atkinson Action Horses are a world renowned Horse Stunt Team. They provide Horses, Riders and Training to Film and TV companies worldwide, working in UK, Ireland, India, UAE and more.

One of the Riders appearing with the team this week is Michael Collin who is a stunt rider in Game of Thrones. Not appearing due to filming commitments Ben Atkinson was Aiden Turner’s stunt double in Poldark, all the horses in Poldark are provided by Atkinson Action Horses.

The team have 65 of their own horses and over a dozen riders to call on. As well as their Film & TV work they appear live regularly at Bolsover and Royal Armouries. They also provide horses to top Jousting Tournaments such as the Queen’s Jubilee Horn at Royal Armouries and the International Tournament at Arundel.

Jousting is a full contact sport with the riders scoring points by hitting their opponents at the gallop. Contact is made at around 45mph, and higher. So training of the horse and rider are paramount.

Safety of the Horses is always the top priority and this demonstration should provide insight in to how Horses and Riders prepare for Tournament from start to finish.

You can read more about Atkinson Action Horses, Jousting and Royal Armouries elsewhere on my Blog.


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