Lawgiver MkIII Confirmed! – Saturday 28th May 2016, Bristol.

LG IIISaturday 28th May 2016.

Double Tree By Hilton in Bristol

Ticket Prices TBA

This was only announced today on the Citizen’s Group page on Facebook so there isn’t much I can tell you about yet. I strongly advise signing up to the Citizen’s Group if you use Facebook. You can follow Lawgiver on Twitter.

I have been involved in the previous two Lawgiver events organised by Rule32 Promotions. At both I was Moderator on a couple of Panels. I’ve offered my services again.

Both events were enormous fun.

Minty Panel - Tony RichardsThe first was called Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd. It was held in Birmingham and featured showings of Dredd (2012) and Judge Minty.  The Guests were: John Wagner; Michael Carroll; Peter Doherty; David Roach; Nick Percival; Edmund Dehn; Steve Sterlacchini & Steve Green.

The second was titled, Lawgiver MkII, and was at the same venue as MkIII. Guests this time were: Jock; Ryan Brown; Patrick Goddard; Dylan Teague; Nick Percival; Michael Carroll; Rob Williams; John Higgins; Pete Doherty; David Roach; Dave Taylor. One of the highlights was a display of Dredd (2012) props.

There were a number of games and competitions at both previous events.

There was a large ration of Cosplayers to Non-Cosplayers and I hope it is similar again, No reason to be put off either way as it is a very friendly atmosphere.

There will be at least one Fringe Event, a booze up arranged by DSDC. I’ll bring more details of that when it is announced but you can visit them on FB to keep up to date.


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