DC Graphic Novel Collection – 1st issue Batman: Hush part one.

DC Coll 1

DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection
Published by Eaglemoss in 60 parts

1st issue £2.99 – 20th  August 2015
2nd Issue £6.99 – 3rd September 2015
Subsequent issues £9.99 – 17th September 2015 onwards

Estimated page count – 160

Previously published in monthly issues by DC

Genre – Superhero

I hadn’t heard about this collection until I was in my local comic store (LCS) earlier this week. First issue, Hush part 1, at £2.99 was too good to pass up and I’ve never read Hush.

I have read quite a lot of DC comics over the years but there are just so many comics I can buy in a year so while I’ve read a good many Batman stories I never got in to this one. I was reading less from DC and Marvel in 2002, when Hush premiered in issue 608 of Batman and as this was to be a year long event it wasn’t for me.

Now though, it’d be rude to pass up at £2.99.

That £2.99 was easily well spent. I know the cast well, On one side there is Batman, Catwoman, The Huntress, Oracle, Superman. On the other side there is Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and the Joker.

The script by Jeph Loeb is very well paced with each of the six chapters presented in this volume coming from a monthly issue of Batman only the chapter headings really give this away. I’m very familiar with US comics, especially from ‘the big two’ and sometimes in collections the episodes are all to obvious. That’s not to say that some British comics don’t let me down in this respect sometimes. Here though we have a really good example of a story with different heroes and villains popping up that doesn’t feel like each chapter is just ticking a box.

The art is by Jim Lee (pencils), Scott Williams (inks) and Alex Sinclair (colours). Apart from the first few pages wher we rely on the script to identify the characters all through the rest of the book identifying who is who is not a worry. Nicely varied angles and panel layouts lead through the story. The action is full of energy.

There are flashback scenes that show untold aspects of Bruce’s life. These mesh in nicely with what is known and you can see the boy in the man. The art is clearly different in pencils, inks and colours to make the transitions obvious, some great pages among those especially the title page of Chapter 4.

Letterers are often overlooked in reviews. More often or not you will notice poor lettering rather than good lettering. That’s a shame for good letterers. Richard Starkings didn’t come to my attention while I read this – good lettering. I’ve gone back through the book looking at the lettering and some pages are pretty wordy with interchanges between characters, all of which was handled perfectly.

There’s my thoughts on Issue 1 of this collection. I won’t be subscribing due to the reason I don’t read all DC titles, I can only buy so many comics in a year. I will however definitely pick up issue 2 at £6.99 which I am happy to say is Hush part 2 concluding this story. I may dip in from time to time, who knows.

What of the series in full though and the subscription offers?

There are 60 titles in the series and the first twelve have been announced.

  1. Batman: Hush part 1
  2. Batman: Hush part 2
  3. Superman: Last Son of Krypton
  4. Justice League: Tower of Babel
  5. Superman & Batman: Public Enemies
  6. Batman: Batman and Son
  7. JLA: Year One part 1
  8. JLA: Year One part 2
  9. Harley Quinn: Preludes & Knock-Knock Jokes
  10. Superman: Man of Steel
  11. Batman: Death in the Family
  12. Lex Luthor: Man of Steel

The basic subsciption £9.99 per issue:

DC Coll free giftsfacsimile edition with 1st delivery
– bookmark with 2nd delivery
– first tin plate cover with 4th delivery
– second tin plate cover with 6th delivery
– bookends with 8th delivery
– postage and packaging are free (UK only)
– free to cancel subscription at any time
– receive & billed for 2 issues every 4 weeks.

The premium subsciption £10.99 per issue:

DC Coll GLThree 400 page volumes by Geoff Johns presenting a Green Lantern saga. Each book is hardback with dust jacket.

These books come out after batches of 20 regular issues. So the first one ships with issues 19 & 20. If you subscribe part way through you can pay the extra £1 per issue not included in your subscription to obtain these books.

More details on the Eaglemoss site


3 comments on “DC Graphic Novel Collection – 1st issue Batman: Hush part one.

  1. beckycaverly says:

    I like your review style, Chiro. Very authentic :). Would love to feature your reviews in our weekly curated email digest that goes out to thousands of people.

    • Thanks for the compliment.

      I mostly review 2000AD and Small Press or Creator owned projects from UK & Irish creators or people linked to 2000AD & Judge Dredd.

      If I review something it will be because I liked it.

      Beyond that I also review Jousting and Horse Stunt Shows, the odd TV program and occasionally write opinion based articles about Nature and Mental Health.

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