New Dark Judges series starts in Prog 1946 on general release 2nd September 2015 (2 preview pages)

1946The Dark Judges were recently featured in the long awaited fully painted Dark Justice by John Wagner and Greg staples.

Now we are getting a set of prequel stories that take place between the time that Judge Death and his brothers in arms Judged their whole planet, where the crime was Life and the sentence was Death.

The first story appears in Prog 1946 which will be with Subscribers on Saturday 29th August and be on general release in shops in UK & Ireland and Workldwide Digitally on Wednesday 2nd September.

Dreams of Deadworld is a four part series with each episode centred around one of the Dark Judges.

There are a couple of preview pages below, the first is not in Prog 1946, the second is.

These stories are the result of the dreams, literally, of artist Dave Kendall. He was inspired to draw his take on the Dark Judges and when they were seen on the internet, they were on Twitter in November 2014, they were received very well indeed. Below is the tweet from Dave with Judge Fire ‘pre-ignition’.

The stories are scripted by Kek-W, painted by Dave Kendall and lettered by Ellie de Ville.

I’ve read the first story, which is centred around Judge Fire, I receive a preview copy from 2000AD on the Monday before Subscribers receive their copy. In this episode Fire sits in recollection of the days following the great purges. His thoughts turn, apparently not for the first time, to the fate of one of his colleagues from the Justice Department.

This story gives a previously unseen view of Judge Fire and develops his character more than you might expect in 5 pages. It is a thoughtful script and beautifully illustrated. The lettering is very atmospheric.

You’ll see in the first preview page, which as I say is not in Judge Fire’s episode, the cast of these stories has been expanded. IDW didn’t gain many fans when they did this, lets see what 2000AD readers make of what Kek-W and Dave Kendall serve up.

Dave Kendall said:

“So, a nightmare come true. An unheard of thank you, for the early morning wake up by my children, which allowed these versions of the Dark Judges to be dragged kicking and screaming into the light. Also, much gratitude to friends and colleagues on social media. Their support gave me the confidence to approach Tharg with these beasties.”

2000AD group Editor, Matt Smith, said:

“If David Cronenberg reimagined Brian Bolland’s original Dark Judges, they wouldn’t look too dissimilar to Dave Kendall’s, rooted as they are in a sense of decay and grotesque body transformation. The horror of Dreams of Deadworld is a visceral kind, in which an entire planet has been turned into a charnel pit, and these creatures rule it as their kingdom. Never mind getting inky fingers – when readers turn the pages on DoD, it oozessss…”

You can find out more about the Dark Judges in my article Who are the Dark Judges which I wrote before Dark Justice was published.

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One comment on “New Dark Judges series starts in Prog 1946 on general release 2nd September 2015 (2 preview pages)

  1. Alex says:

    Good news, glad we didn’t had to wait another ten years to see Judge Death again.

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