Jaegir: Beasts Within by Gordon Rennie & Simon Coleby – Spoiler Light (preview pages included)

Jaegir CoverJaegir: Beasts Within
Published by Rebellion

UK/IRELAND: 11 September £17.99
NORTH AMERICA: 28 October $22.99
Diamond order code JUL151561

Script: Gordon Rennie
Art: Simon Coleby
Colours: Len O’Grady
Letters: Simon Bowland, Ellie De Ville

Jaegir created by Gordon Rennie & Simon Coleby
Rogue Trooper created by Gerry Finlay-Day & Dave Gibbons

Genre: Sci-Fi

Set in the world of Rogue Trooper (not Friday, that’s a different story) with a bit of a twist. You don’t have to have an in depth knowledge of the original Rogue Trooper series, you’ll get all the information you need along the way. If yopu’ve read Rogue Trooper though you’ll more than likely get a bit of extra fun.

This is the story of Kapiten-Inspector Atalia Jaegir of the Nordland State Security Police, attached to The Office of Public Truth. Yes, she’s a Nort, the enemy of Rogue Trooper’s people, the Southers. Her job is to capture war criminals.

There are preview pages following a contents list at the end of this article.

There’s a lot less stereotyping in this series, the Norts were always shown to be Space-Nazis. They spoke in a quasi Germanic -Russo vernacular and following the normal tradition their gear was always that bit cooler than the Southers, except Rogue and his gear of course. They were mean, dastardly in fact they were invariably the matinee villain.

So the first spin of this series is to show that Nordland actually have concern regarding War Crimes. The war isn’t over, they aren’t being forced to do this by a pompous victor.

Atalia is part of the ruling elite. The fact there is a ruling elite ties in nicely to that old stereotype of course. She has a loyal supporter, Sergeant Klaur, but given who she works for she isn’t exactly popular.

There is an introduction by Gordon Rennie that sets out how and why this series came about and some of it is of course exactly the point I made regarding Space-Nazis. He gives is his reasoning behind what he has done with Nordland – you can also read more of his thoughts in an Interview I did with him in September 2014; shortly after the first story in this collection, Strigoi, had a US Format One-Shot release.

In my preview of the One-Shot I remarked on the fact that the Norts have the same look as in the original series. What I didn’t point out was that Simon Coleby had illustrated some Rogue Trooper stories penned by Gordon Rennie. Gordon states in his introduction that it was Simon’s Norts that made him the obvious choice to work with on this project.

The art really is top notch with plenty of motion in the action scenes and a sombre mood in much of the dramatic parts of the story. The combat scenes look great, you can see more combat art from Simon Coleby in The Royals, written by fellow 2000AD alumni Rob Williams.

My earlier comments, brief as they are, about the colours used by Len O’Brady are echoed in Gordon’s introduction. I said ‘The colours are mostly subdued and give a grimy feel to much of Nordland‘ where as Gordon said, ‘the toxic-looking veneer of Len O’Grady’s colouring, where you can almost smell the choking fumes in the air of these worlds now almost entirely given over to war production on a massive scale‘. I wasn’t kidding that my comments on the colours were brief, Gordon said more in the introduction, and said it better. The colours compliment the tone of Simon’s art and Gordon’s script.

This is a great collection which puts all of Jaegir in one place, building the character and the setting as it goes. This is of course only the beginning because the story isn’t over yet.


Originally published in 2000 AD Progs 1874-1879

Originally published in 2000 AD Progs 1893-1898

Originally published in 2000 AD Prog 2015

Originally published in 2000 AD Progs 1937-1944

Originally published in Judge Dredd Megazine 328



Jaegir 1

Jaegir 2

Jaegir 3

Jaegir 4

Jaegir 5

Jaegir 6

Jaegir Alex Ronald


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