Judge Dredd at Royal Armouries, Leeds 29th to 31st August 2015


Royal Armouries Leeds
Saturday 29th to Monday 31st August 2015
Heroes Day

They’re doing it again!

Royal Armouries will have a Judge Dredd combat scene live at 12:00 using the Dredd uniform from the amazing Judge Minty fan film leant to them by Writer/Director Steve Sterlacchini.

The header image is of the Armouries Andy Deane in the uniform from a previous year.
I’m not sure who Dredd will be facing off but previously he has had issues with Pa Angel.

There will also be a fight between Arwen and the Lich King at 13:30 and a Lightsaber battle at 15:00. Check times and location on the day, staff near the desks in the entrance hall will have leaflets giving full details.

There will be many more things to entertain visitors. These will most likely include talks about weapons and armour used in comics or films. In previous years comic artist Peter Doherty has run sessions showing how to draw robots. Last year Adi Granov was in attendance taking about his work for Marvel Comics and his designs for the Ironman amd Avengers films.

So there is plenty to entertain people of all ages. I can’t make it Saturday die to Leeds Rhinos being in the Callenge Cup final but I will be there Sunday and possibly Monday. Come say ‘hi’.

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