Medieval Mounted Combat with Rebellion’s Jason Kingsley | Part 1 (video embeded)

Jason on WarlordJason Kingsley OBE is the CEO of Rebellion. Rebellion’s core business is in Computer Game development but they also own 2000AD and Judge Dredd as well as a number of book publishing brands and an involvement with Mongoose Publishing

He also owns Tournament Stud where he trains riders and horses for a variety of disciplines including full contact Jousting. He is a member of Destrier, one of the top Jousting teams in Europe. I’m a big fan of Jousting and regularly write about the Jousts at Royal Armouries Leeds.

Oh, and Jason is also a Trustee of the Royal Armouries.

So as a fan of 2000AD, Judge Dredd and Jousting it can’t be too much of a surprise that I found this video really interesting. I’ve published an Interview with Jason about Jousting.

This video is the first in what jason plans on being a series about Medieval Mounted Combat.

In this first episode Jason is joined by Arne Koets, a fellow Jouster. Both are interested in the physcality and the academic aspects of Medieval Warfare. I’ve seen some great videos of Arne fighting with the pollax, a formidable weapon for a Man-at-Arms on foot.

The video is thirteen and a half minutes long but packs in quite a bit of good detail.

Arne has brought some ideas to Jason regarding fighting techniques that he was researched. They try out a few in the video.

In most cases the details of how fights took place in Medieval times is brief and accompanied only by stylised pictures. For example books from the period that detail sword fighting techniques have only a handful of images and broken phrases, being aide memoires not instruction books.

Arne has put a lot of thought and practice in to several attack strategies and what he has come up with, and demonstrates with Jason, looks very impressive.

There is very little jargon in this video, so a previous knowledge of horses and Medieval Combat isn’t required.


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