Judge Dredd Cosplay builds – Judge Drone

11830895_425389130995361_1139170990_nThis is the first in what I plan to be several intermittent articles about Cosplay builds inspired by Judge Dredd, comic or film,

Judge Drone posted this marvelous picture by 2000AD artist Ryan Brown’s picture of himself that he commissioned.

Ryan Brown and Judge Drone were at Lawgiver MkII.

I recently talked to Judge Drone about his build, which I had noticed on Facebook had altered since I saw him in May at Lawgiver MkII. It was at that point I first decided to run this article.

Judge Drone told me:

11830709_425389567661984_135211521_n“I was always interested in the mega city one riot squad. I loved the 2012 dredd so started to build my own version of what a 2012 riot squad judge would look like. With riot shield and electrified baseball bat (old school)

“Judge drone is a member of the sector 08 riot squad. I even designed their own logo etc.”


Regarding some of his equipment Judge Drone said:

11846372_425389160995358_2078975371_n“The riot shield is made out of a real police riot shield…

I have also modified the armour for the riot squad. Mobile, comfy and loads of extra armour.

Ryan brown is a friend who did the awesome art work for judge drone. It would be amazing if I could get him in a story and published in 2000ad. That’s my goal”

Rear view



Front view



11872887_425389137662027_1582950306_nThere are modifications to the 2012 uniform throughout the build as you can see from the images above.

A reinforced Cuirass and Backplate give extra protection and his helmet has a full face-plate with respirator.

You can see identification of his Sector on his Cuirass and the back of the Helmet. His branch of the Justice Department is also on his Badge, Back Plate and the back of his Helmet.

His Rerebrace, below the Pauldron, also displays the Riot Squad logo.



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