A Sensitively Sculpted Klegg and others – modeled my Scowlin Munkeh

11998458_1181794065171383_2067957864_nScowlin Munkeh, aka Judge Pal, has recently been thrilling 2000AD fans with his sculpts of some fan-favourites. Such as his Sensitive Klegg, created by Rob Williams and D’Israeli. Munkeh styled his sculpt directly from the cover to Prog 1889 (you can read all about that on 2000AD Covers Uncovered). The picture heading this article was taken with an original page of art by Chris Weston from that story, taken at Judgement in Cardiff.

Munkeh had started with the Gronk, one of Johnny Alpha’s trusted friends in Strontium Dog. He’s gone on to thrill us with Judge Dredd as a Werewolf and Don Uggie Apelino.

Venturing outside of 2000AD he’s now sculpted Sun Wukong, the Monkey King of Chinese Mythology.

I asked Munkeh what made him suddenly take up this hobby.

11922061_1181794978504625_1575837941_n“It started with the Gronk. I really liked the look of the 3A one, but am absolutely broke at the moment. I couldn’t afford one.

Then I recalled my days doing an Art foundation course. My distinctions were in animation and ceramics. I thought ‘I wonder if I still have the knack for that stuff?’

Also, Judge Purcell’s friend was doing a model for him out of Super Sculpey. I quizzed him on cost and availability, then off I went!

I was very pleased with the way The Gronk turned out, and it sparked a creativity in me that had been all but extinguished for twenty years.”

A brilliant depiction of Gronk, created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra. I’ve a done a bit of modelling in my time, I got an ‘O’level with a claymation film of Groddendonk from Nemesis The Warlock, sadly I don’t have a copy.

So I was interested in the materials and techniques Munkeh used.

klegg-foil-2klegg-frame“I start with a wire framework to get some idea of size, and whether I can make it stand freely. Then I wrap each model in foil to get a very basic body shape.

klegg-skinThen I ‘skin’ it – I cover it in a very thin layer of Super Sculpey. klegg-ready-for-cookingAfter that, I add the clay to flesh out features and give some more emphasis and weight to the body. Finally I work in detail, such as face, hands, fur and clothing.”

Then comes the firing, no furnace required Munkeh uses a domestic oven for this.

“The other aspect is the painting. I use acrylics, as I’m a very impatient painter, and it dried quickly. It also gives a nice solid base, but is versatile – you can mix it well, you can water it down for washes, or you can just slap big globs of it on to hide cracks or unintended modelling slips.

11873399_1168827689801354_7456302113565093020_nOne of the bigger models, such as Werewolf Dredd or Sensitive Klegg, takes about six hours of constant painting.

I hadn’t painted in decades either, so I’m pleased with how quickly I got back into it.”

The models are full of minute detail, such as Werewolf Hair and Klegg Skin. Munkeh has also tried to get the colours as close to ‘comic accurate’ as possible.

sensitive-klegg-painting-1sensitive-kelgg-painting-2You can see how well he managed this with Sensitive Klegg. Here is the base colour that was used for his skin, no where near the tones used by Chris Weston. As the details were added Munkeh brought the shades down from the glossy primary green to the correct lighter tones.

I think Munkeh should be proud of this work,

Chris Weston was impressed by the sculpt and said so on Twitter.

Rob Williams both favourited and retweeted; 2000AD & Batman artist Jock favourited the tweet.

Here are some photos of the models of 2000AD characters Munkeh has completed so far. You can see more on his Deviant Art page.





And Sun Wukong



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