Doctor Who: The Magician’s Apprentice – Spoilers (don’t read until you’ve watched)

DW2015 1First Aired BBC1 19:40 19th September 2015

Writer: Stephen Moffat
Director: Hettie Macdonald

The Doctor: Peter Capaldi
Clara Oswald: Jenna-Louise Coleman
Missy: Michelle Gomez

I’ve not written  review of a Doctor Who episode for a while.

The reason is that I don’t like being negative on this blog and while I still love Doctor Who I almost always have some negative feelings about the episodes. Obviously that isn’t always a big problem, a few negatives can easily be out weighed by the positives.

I’ve decided to give another go at reviewing Doctor Who with this new season.

The episode started strongly from my point of view.

I avoided as much ‘news’ as possible regarding the new series, though I did watch the Trailer. Too many spoilers these days. Many Trailers show too much for my liking. I like a story to unfold to me, I like surprises,

So, though there was the clue of an unending war, I was thrilled to hear the name of that boy. The setting looked excellent, I’m not sure the Hand-Mines worked for me but that is one of those negatives I could discount as the rest was good.

Then the search for The Doctor by Colony Sarff. For me, a little too much establishing before the reveal later in the episode. It was reasonably obvious that this was connected to Davros in some way.

No explanation regarding Missy not being dead, I’ve a theory but I won’t add speculation. We are surely going to get an answer later in the series, probably when we find out how or why Osgood is alive. The Master or Missy surviving something is no problem, The Master has survived definite death so many times, it is part of the character.

However the scene om Skaro annoyed me. Too many times there are deaths of characters where the character didn’t die. The Master survived Extermination before, I’m not fooled by this. But Clara… hasn’t she died and come back enough already? Surely no one believes she is dead. Again there is an obvious explanation, though it may not be the right one.

Missy was fun certainly. Colony Sarff was interesting, the serpentine motion as he moved was a clue to what he was, as were the odd creases on his face. I’m assuming he is a creation of Davros but that isn’t necesary, Davros and the Daleks have used other creatures as servants before, such as the Ogrons.

The title and the character Bors suggested things that weren’t delivered. Maybe that will be revisited, Battlefield is a clue to what I am referring to here.

Acting and Direction have caused me issues in many episodes. Not the case in this episode, any weakness in my opinion was in the script – mostly the ‘Clara is dead again but obviously won’t be dead really’ part.

Over all I enjoyed the episode. I’ll see as the series goes on whether the things I didn’t like here are out weighed by the explanations.



2 comments on “Doctor Who: The Magician’s Apprentice – Spoilers (don’t read until you’ve watched)

  1. Sheridan says:

    I’d hope Sarff isn’t a creation of Davros – while he’d use other races to achieve his aims, I wouldn’t want him to create anything creature that wasn’t a Dalek.

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