Paragon issue 18 – an anthology – spoiler light

Paragon18coverParagon Issue 18

Published by Paragon Comics
September 2015

Paper version – available from – £2.50
E-version – available from – £0.99 (excluding VAT)

Edited by Dave Candlish

Cover Art: Neil McClements

Genre – Sci-Fi, Horror

What a great cover, I love Neil’s art (and not just because we’ve collaborated). I don’t know if that pony is historically accurate but the height looks good for the setting, and the anatomy is great.

This is a fairly regular anthology with a fairly regular line-up. The creators who contribute range from Small Press to Independent, that includes people that contribute to companies like Image and Boom! For example Letterer Jim Campbell.

Spencer Nero: The Reckless Return of the Ruthless Rhymer

Writer: Greg Meldrum
Art: Dave Snell
Letters: HdE

You’ve almost certainly seen a story with the script in rhyme. Greg Meldrum gives a brilliant example of how to do it here. The rhythm of the piece comes naturally, minor skips to the beat do exist but over all this is an outstandingly good piece of poetic prose (can a comic be described as prose?).

Dave Snell’s art has good storytelling qualities to it and some lovely compositions. A few expressions need a little work but that’s not to detract from the over all look of the strip which works nicely.

Panda and Bulldog (part 3)

Writer: Jason Cobley
Art: Stephen Prestwood
Letters: Jim Campbell

There is an invasion underway and Captain Winston Bulldog, pilot, adventurer and war hero, is out of action. He’s still in the clutches of the enemy. Meanwhile Keiko Panda and her Human colleagues fight on. Wait till you see General Meliadus Oak.

This is a wordy script but it seems that all is in hand. Stephen Prestwood left some very clear areas in most of his panels and Jim Cambell worked around some of the nice details included in the art. It is easy to overlook the lettering on a page when it works as good as this example.

Spencer Nero: Feels Your Pin

Writer: Greg Meldrum
Art: Scott Twells
Letters: Jim Campbell

Following a story in rhyme Greg Meldrum brings us another script that is cleverly written. Here the protagonist is perturbed by the odd occurrence of him dropping letters from words at the most inopportune of circumstances. Farce… that word had me in stitches. A really clever script with a hilarious, if disturbing, end.

Scott Twells’ art was haunting me with the question ‘who is this reminding me of’ and I haven’t fot the answer yet. I’ve seen his art before and I don’t think the same thoughts came to mind.

JIKAN – Shimasu (part three)
Writer: M J Howard
Art: El Chivo
Letters: John Caliber

This is the final episode of this arc and as such new readers will struggle to understand what is going on. However for those of us that have been along for the ride this cliff hanger is a frustrating one… Damn you Mr Howard, *shakes a fist* I blame Cadet Anderson’s short skirt.

Anyway… El Chivo’s line work is great, his characters are individuals with some great characteristics. Lovely stuff. Nice lettering choices by John Caliber with Shimasu’s lines standing out nicely even when from off panel.


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