Dreams of Deadworld Terminates in Prog 1949 23rd September 2015 – spoilers including preview pages


2000AD Prog 1949
Published in the UK by Rebellion

Subscription release Saturday 19th September 2015

General release in print & digital Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Available in all good stockists,  2000AD iOS AppAndroid Ap & 2000AD Shop

Cover – Dave Kendall

Genre – Sci-Fi

The fourth and final episode of Dreams of Deadworld features on the Chief Judge of Deadworld, Judge Death. By the pen of Kek-W and the Pencils etc of Dave Kendall.

We’ve seen his brothers Fear, Fire and Mortis in more detail than before. We’ve met new Dark Judges and new Sisters of Death. So what new insights will we get from this story?

I can’t say too much. When we receive Preview copies of 2000AD all review sites are limited to what we can share. For example only two pages of each story (the title page doesn’t count as story) and no big spoilers. So I can’t say too much as I say.

You’ll see from the preview pages below that Judge Death has called together the Dark Judges to reveal the killer of one of their own, Judge Omen. Omen was their Precog.

In Judge Fire’s episode we met Sister Despair and Judge Reaper. In the preview pages we see more names or named. When IDW did this it was met with some resistance with many fans. Of course IDW continuity is different to 2000AD’s and these new Dark Judges are different to theirs.

This series has met a few mixed comments but from what I’ve seen the Ayes outnumber the Nays. And I’m with the Ayes.

The series is darker than we’ve seen of late and without Dredd in the mix we can be fairly certain each episode that the Dark-protagonists will prevail. If you’ve read the previous episodes you’ll know how that turned out.

I’d like to see the clock turned back a little further, see some of the purging of Deadworld. See some of the other Dark Judges and Sisters of Death, See what led to the episodes in this series.

Then rolling the clock forward. It took a while for Fear, Fire and Mortis to find Judge Death in Mega-City One. I have a feeling they may have looked in other Dimensions first. If so there are more tales to be read.

Next Prog, 1950, is a Jump on Prog and in Judge Dredd we get the return of PJ Maybe from John Wagner and Colin MacNeil. You can read more about the Dark Judges in my article ‘Who are The Dark Judges?‘.

Deadworld 4

Deadworld 4 1

Deadworld 4 2


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