Vertigo brings 12 new comics in 12 weeks, starting October 7th

Vertigo 1sVertigo 12 New #1s
One new title per week From 7th October 2015

From the talents of:

Lauren Buerkes, Dale Halvorsen, Ryan Kelly, Gilbert Hernandez, Darwyn Cooke, Gail Simone Jon Davis-Hunt, Shaun Simon, Michael Allred, Rob Williams & Mike Dowling, Si Spencer, Max Dunbar, Ande Parks, David Baile, Meghan Hetrick, Erike Kripke, John Higgins, Tom King, Mitch Gerads, Peter Milligan, Brett Parson, Holly Black, Lee Garbet, Simon Oliver, Rufus Dayglo

Vertigo are adding twelve new titles from 7th October. All commissioned by Executive Editor Shelly Bond.

I’m particularly interested in a few of these.

Initially I became interested when I heard that Rob Williams and Mike Dowling had a new title called Unfollow coming out – I preordered that straight away. Today I heard about the free Preview edition that Vertigo have released to publicise the release of these titles, more on that plus a full list of titles, dates and creators below.

Rob Williams and Mike Dowling have both been published in UK anthology 2000AD. Outside 2000AD I really enjoyed The Royals by Rob Williams and Simon Coleby. Mike Dowling wowed me in 2013 with Death Sentence written by Montynero.

Unfollow is the story of a Billionaire who is giving away his entire fortune to a list of 140 people. The money will be distributed evenly amongst those on the list who are still alive at the moment of his death. Some of those people are a little greedy and just may be planning to thin out that list.

Rob Williams writes about characters who stand out as individuals and this is matched perfectly to the strong characterisation that Mike Dowling puts in to his art. This is a brilliant pairing of creators.

Another title that has got my interest is Jacked by Eric Kripke, creator of the hit TV series Supernatural, and John Higgins, another 2000AD alumni and creator of Razorjack. This series is described as ‘irreverent and brutally realistic‘. I’ve not read anything by Eric Kripke but John Higgins can definitely deliver brutal and realistic along with the psychedelia I can imagine this story will require.

David Baille is bringing Celtic Mythology from Northern Britain to modern day Glasgow. I’m up for that.

Other titles have piqued my interest and I may well pick up issue 1 of several of these titles. Peter Milligan and Rufus Dayglo are names that will likely draw me in.

Here is the full list of the releases, you can get the Preview here

7th October 2015 Survivors Club
by Lauren Buerkes, Dale Halvorsen, Ryan Kelly (ongoing)
14th October 2015 The Twilight Children
by Gilbert Hernandez, Darwyn Cooke (4 issues)
21st October 2015 Clean Room
by Gail Simone Jon Davis-Hunt (ongoing)
28th October 2015 Art Ops
by Shaun Simon, Michael Allred (ongoing)

4th November 2015 Unfollow
by Rob Williams & Mike Dowling (ongoing)
11th November 2015 Slash & Burn
by Si Spencer, Max Dunbar, Ande Parks (ongoing)
18th November 2015 Red Thorn
by David Baile, Meghan Hetrick (ongoing)
25th November 2015 Jacked
by Erike Kripke, John Higgins (6 issues)

2nd December 2015 The Sheriff of Babylon
by Tom King, Mitch Gerads (8 issues)
9th December 2015 New Romancer
by Peter Milligan, Brett Parson (12 issues)
16th December 2015 Lucifer
by Holly Black, Lee Garbett (ongoing)
23rd December 2015 Last Gang in Town
by Simon Oliver, Rufus Dayglo (7 issues)


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