Blood Moon – Amazing natural phenomenon in UK around 01:00 to 03:00 Monday 28th (Worldwide timings included)

Blood MoonThe Blood Moon is often a result of a Total Lunar Eclipse.

We are due a Total Lunar Eclipse in the next few hours. This article includes a table regarding the time-zones that this phenomenon should be happening worldwide.

The Full Lunar Eclipse should be visible in Western Europe, Eastern North America, South America and West Africa. While in the Western half of North America, the rest of Europe and Africa, the Middle East and South Asia there will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

A Lunar Eclipse is when the Earth passes between the sun and the Moon. Tonight we will have a full moon and the moon will be particularly large, referred to as a Super Moon. So if the sky is clear we have the best chance of a spectacular view.

The colour of the eclipse can vary with atmospheric conditions it could be a hue somewhere around autumn leaves, brick red or blood red.

Lunar Eclipses are fairly common, this is the second this year. However a Total Lunar Eclipse is less common. The last Total Lunar Eclipse visible in the UK was in 2008; the next is due in 2019.

Below is a chart showing local times for the event. Check your usual local websites for more details.


The chart above is from where you can get much more detail including a very informative video.


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