We Stand Guard from Image – a 6 issue series (mild spoilers)

WeStandOnGuard_01We Stand Guard
Published by Image

Issues 1 to 3
July 1st, August 5th, September 2nd 2015

Script: Brian K Vaughan
Art: Steve Skroce
Colours: Matt Hollingsworth
Lettering: Fonographics

Cover: Steve Skroce

Genre – Sci Fi

I can’t recall where I first heard of this series, I thought on Twitter but I can’t be certain. I missed the start but I’m fully caught up now. It was the cover that drew me in.

As the cover suggests this series is about a war between Canada and USA. There has been such an event already of course, some time ago in 1812.

The story starts with a family, Mother, Father, Son and Daughter, watching the News. The year is 2012, we are in Ottawa, Ontario. The TV shows the White House on fire. There is speculation regarding who is behind it with the parenys naming possible sources. Then the son of the family asks ‘What if it was us?’

The White House was burned down in the War of 1812.

Then domesticity ends. Life as they knew it ended.

The story skips to 2124, still in Canada but now at Yellowknife in the North West Territories. Amber is now 18 and alone in the snowy wilderness. She is almost killed by a US Drone but is rescued by a group of Canadian Freedom Fighters. There are a few scene shifts to other dates for part of the story to be revealed.

The technology is futuristic but are huge battle-bots so far from possibility now? There is very realistic 3D Virtual Reality included among the tech on show.

USA invades Canada but we don’t know whether Canada were behind the attack on the White House or if it was a Black-Flag. Was this just as excuse to invade a country that had a surplus of Fresh Water when USA had very little?

This isn’t a new idea, that a future war would be fought over access to water. However it is the first one I’ve seen that openly pits allies in the modern world as enemies in the future.

There is a cast of characters presented to us and we can’t be certain who is here for the full run of the series. Don’t expect them all to be stereotypes either. Yes there is a French speaking character who clearly understands English but doesn’t use the language. There are characters that you’ll prejudge and some you will get wrong.

The art has plenty of life to it and that isn’t always a pleasant aspect as the plot isn’t gentle. There are scenes of violent death, dismembered corpses and torture. Some things are left to the imagination but much is laid bare.

I’m already hoping that this miniseries will get a sequel.

WeStandOnGuard_02 WeStandOnGuard_03


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