Bad Company Returns to 2000AD 30th September 2015 – 2000AD Prog 1950- includes Preview Images

BC2Bad Company was created by Peter Milligan (writer), Brett Ewins (pencils) and Jim McCarthy (inks) and premiered in Prog 500 in December 1986. This return was planned before the sad death of Brett Ewins in February 2015.

Rufus Dayglo is now on Pencils and he has dedicated this to his friend, Brett.

This is a future war story featuring a mix of mind blowing, reality bending settings an circumstances. The characters were a diverse set and we were led in to all of this by a young, raw recruit, Danny Franks.

Bad Company were fighting a war against an alien race – the Krool.

bc3Young Danny was shaped to survive the war as best he could by the tutelage Kano, leader of Bad Company.

The Krool had experimented on Kano, removing half his brain and replacing it with part of a Krool brain. He carried with him a box which contained what he thought to be the other half of his brain.

Most of Bad Company had at one time been normal men apart from Goober, a survivor of the native species of Ararat where Bad Company were fighting. Slowly. in different ways. they all became something new.

This was a story that spoke of the dehumanising aspects of War. That aspect was taken further not just by the Frankenstein like Kano but but by how all the characters were slowly changed by their experiences and by the planet Ararat itself.

Brett Ewins and Jim McCarthy created an unearthly look to everything nut in the main the story of Danny and Kano revolved around what it was to be Human.

The new story starts with dramatic scenes of the war. You will see from below that Rufus has stayed true to the designs of Brett Ewins, though letting his own style shine through. What new horrors will Danny Franks face?

You can read more about the ‘Jump-on Prog’ in my earlier article.
1950 Bc11950 Bc2


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