InkTober – Inspiring Artists to make Art

InktoberInkTober has become a thing. It was created by Jake Parker as a way in 2009 to help him hone his Inking skills. If you click on Jake’s InkTober logo you’ll reach his blog.

If you read comics you’ll know what I mean. Traditionally in USA comic art is created by a Penciller, an Inker and a Colourist. In UK and the rest of Europe this may all be done by one Artist or a combination of two Artists, yes sometimes three but in the UK that’s not so common.

Pencils and Inks being different mediums require different skills to a degree and it is fair to say some Pencillers my not be good Inkers. Either way as an Artist it makes sense to stretch one’s artistic muscles.

Several of my artistic Friends (I use this term in the Internet way here, I’ve not met some of these fine folks in person, so I’ve capitalised the word (I often use non-standard capitalisation, you can read some of my reasons in another article) exercise themselves during InkTober. Often they will ask Friends on Facebook for suggestions, below are a few examples.

The main idea of InkTober as I have said is to stretch the creative muscles so most Artists I know will do one Inked image per day throughout October. They may set themselves a time limit and by asking for suggestions they are increasing the challenge to themselves.

As a Writer I’ve tried challenges too, you can see one of those on this blog involving one of the Artists that takes part in InkTober – Eisner Nominated Neil McClements.

Neil InkHere is one of Neil’s InkTober offerings.

Henry V, inspired by a performance of Shakespeare’s play about good King Hal that he saw on Saturday.

Neil’s art is very distinctive and as the Graphic Novel that was nominated for two Eisner Awards, mentioned above, he’s been published in several Small Press publications as well as the online comic Aces Weekly.

Flint InkThis one is by Flintlockjaw, one of the contributors to the 2000AD fansite ECBT2000AD. Among other things.

I offered him a sugestion of ‘A Tortoise that thinks it is Helm off of Rogue Trooper’ (deliberate non-standard English). I’m pretty sure Flint has drawn Rogue before but the idea just popped straight in to my head when he asked for ideas.

Mick InkNow the next one I know is someone drawing a character he has drawn before. Raquel Meg  by Mick Cassidy.

Why am I so sure? Well Mick is a Character Designer and he works on a program called Family Guy. He has done a lot of other things you will have heard of, check him out on IMDB.

If you’ve seen the Family Guy cast as characters from 2000AD and wondered who did them – it was Mick.

InkTober has inspired me to think about finding some new challenge for myself as a Writer. I’m not sure what it will be yet… I’m open to suggestions.


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