Doctor Who: Before the Flood – Spoiler Light

DW2015 4First Aired BBC1 20:25 10th October 2015

Writer: Toby Whithouse
Director: Daniel O’Hara

The Doctor: Peter Capaldi
Clara Oswald: Jenna-Louise Coleman

Carrying from Beneath the Lake the Doctor, The Doctor, Bennett and O’Donnell have traveled to the past to investigate the spaceship and discover who brought it to Earth.

Given we know that last week’s cliff hanger can’t be true… well we can expect some slight of hand.

I have to admit I was slightly disappointed with this episode. Mainly because yet again there is a death of a character that we know can’t happen. That’s the thing with Doctor Who, anything that big is always in the British press and TV so much that you can’t miss it.

That said there was plenty in the episode that was fine. I’m not sure ‘fine’ is good enough for what the fans expect from Doctor Who. Yet ‘fine’ is still better than last season.

The best part of this story is the characterisation of the support characters. O’Donnell being a professional soldier, yet showing her admiration for the Doctor while trying to hide her excitement. Bennett questioning the Doctor’s ethics. The interactions of Cass and Lunn.

There is an unsaid part of the plot that surprised me. No one asks Cass why she thought it was dangerous inside the ship and wouldn’t let Lunn go aboard. This happened in last episode, before we knew there was actual danger. The fact Lunn hadn’t seen the writing was mentioned but not the question of how Cass knew. Some might scream ‘plot hole!’ but I don’t think it is one. Whether we’ll ever find out how she knew I have no idea.

There was a scene with Cass that did make me wonder why she didn’t take her boots off when she was alone… I started to think I was projecting my own ideas too much on to the show until she used her hand to feel for vibrations. So yes, I was right, a better idea might have for her to take her boots and socks off. Nevermind she found the answer herself in the end.

I really don’t want to harp on that the Scripts and Direction let the series down last year but that is my opinion. This script let Peter Capaldi shine which is essential. I really don’t think his take on the Doctor had chance to do this last season as too much focus was on Clara. Many people I know have complained about this and I think it was unfair to both actors.

Overall this episode entertained me and there were more positives than negatives.



2 comments on “Doctor Who: Before the Flood – Spoiler Light

  1. Jake Weisz says:

    The thing that killed me here was how much they tried to make the opening of the box suspenseful and dramatic, but how obvious it was who was in it from pretty early on.

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