Cursed Edge: Prog 4 – spoiler light – full episode embeded (plus catch-up)

Cursed EdgeCursed Edge – Prog 4
Published on 31 Oct 2015

Sunnymeade Films

Written & Directed by Oliver Hollingdale

Karnie Camp
Paul Labelle

This is a fan made unofficial web series nased in the Dredd (2012) setting. There is no connection to Rebellion, the owners of 2000AD & Judge Dredd or to the makers of Dredd (2012).

Oliver Hollingdale has put together this production with the help of an army of supporters in the UK and USA. You can read an interview with Oliver on this blog.

The main characters are Judge Hollister, Kiarnie Camp, and Brit-Cit Judge Labelle, Paul Labelle. Most of the cast and crew are amatuers and are attached to the production purely for the love of the character, Judge Dredd.

The first episode, they use the word Prog that is the word used to describe a weekly issue of 2000AD, was met with some very negative comments online in many quarters, much of that was less than constructive. Slowly the project is gathering more support and the crew are listening to constructive criticism.

Oliver has said several times that these episodes are a learning curve and at some point some scenes will be reshot and reedited taking in to consideration the feedback.

As I said most of the cast are amateurs and came to this from Cosplay, that’s why several Judges have their own names or nicknames as their character name. That is also why you may spot variances in some of the uniforms. Judge Labelle’s Dredd 2012 inspired Brit-Cit Judge is a popular build at conventions.

Over all the team have achieved a good look in this series for much of the city and the characters. Having a movie accurate Lawmaster in this episode really assists with this.

Influences from the comic are also seen in this episode with Dirty Frank, who was introduced last episode, a Wally Swuad Judge from the strip Low Life in 2000AD. Wally Squad is the name of the Undercover branxh of Justice Department, Judge Hollister is a Wally Squad Judge.

There is no doubting the enthusiasm that is going in to this series and I’m glad to see them continuing with the project. It is definitely moving in the right direction.

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