Movember and Me

MoBro_ThumbMovember is a charity that raises money for more than just the Prostate Cancer for which it is widely recognised. Since their founding in 2003 Testicular Cancer, Mental Health and physical activity are also within their scope.

Around the country many men have ceased shaving and are seeking sponsors. Some just cease shaving, some will set an aim for growing a certain type of mustache.

I don’t usually publicise my charitable giving but I decided to take a dip in this particular cause. Anyone that knows me will know that I am hirsute. So what am I doing?

12200551_10207482888531364_230324375_nI propose to shave off my mustache.

I’ll keep the beard, subtle though it is, it’ll make the lack of mustache more obvious.

I’m suggesting that if my target of £25 is reached I shall do the shaving, otherwise I shall do so on Sunday 8th November.

If you feel inclined to become involved you can back me by visiting my fundraising page.


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