Rebellion to Reprint stories from Misty

Misty 1Misty
Published by Rebellion with the co-operation of Egmont

September 2016

Pat Mills, Malcolm Shaw

John Armstrong, Brian Delaney

Misty was originally published between
4th February 1978 and 12th January 1980

Created by Pat Mills for IPC after his success in setting up 2000AD Misty was aimed at girls aged around 12 years.

2000AD was aimed at boys but comics at that time in the UK sold better to girls than boys. So it was an obvious step for the cmpany to take. Girls were not thought to be interested in Sci-Fi at the time so the focus for Misty was Magic and Horror.

Though full details are yet to be revealed this is billed as the first volume of Misty material.

The stories scheduled to be included are Moonchild by Pat Mills and John Armstrong and The Four Faces of Eve by Malcolm Shaw and Brian Delaney.

Unlike 2000AD almost all of the stories from Misty were self contained in one issue or a single serial. I believe this collection has an example of both with Moonchild a self contained one-off from an Annual and The Four Faces of Eve was a serial running over a number of weeks.

I imagine there will be quite a bit of interest in this title and that there will be further volumes. Whether it will lead to an actual relaunch I wouldn’t really like to guess.

Pat Mills said:

“I designed Misty to be a female 2000 AD with the emphasis on magic and horror, rather than science fiction; it was very successful and is fondly remembered today. The stories chosen for the graphic novel are regarded by Misty readers as the very best with stunning, powerful and scary art. It’s great to see them back in print and I hope they will form the vanguard of a girls’ comic revival that is long, long overdue.”

Ben Smith, head of books and comic books, said:

“When Pat Mills tells you there are great comics hidden in an archive and someone should really publish them, a sensible publisher sits up and takes notice. Pat was talking about Misty and girls comics in general to graphic novels editor Keith Richardson and myself on a plane to San Diego Comic Con and was so enthusiastic about the material we had to go looking for it. Heralding from an era when comics for girls outsold comics for boys, Misty was shortly-lived but burned terribly bright. It remains unlike anything else with its collection of shocking and varied subject matter. It’s a great pleasure to be able to bring this spell-binding work back into the public eye and we look forward to surprising people all over again.”

Misty 2Misty 3

Misty 4

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