Post Thought Bubble & Pre Lawgiver – What am I up to?

Semple BadgeNo fibs, the two top periods for me as Judge Tutor Semple are Thought Bubble and Lawgiver.

I’ve been attending Thought Bubble only since 2012, though it does seem longer. Lawgive started in 2014 and I’ve been involved from the start as part of the Organisers’ Group and a Moderator.

Thought Bubble is in November and Lawgiver is in May. That is a neat 6 months apart, I didn’t design this but it is perfect!

Downtime after Thought Bubble I am usually reading a lot. That is the case this year. Also I am starting to think about Guests for Lawgiver, I’ve been doing that tonight (Friday 20th November as I write). This is a mad time when the two over lap. Downtime after Lawgiver is different of course as I don’t do anything for Thought Bubble, well apart from write a Reviews Booklet that I give away; and attend of course…

The week before Thought Bubble is always hectic as I put together the Review Booklet at that time. I include mostly reviews of Creators I know will be there. In the booklet I also give as much detail of where to find those Creators.

This Blog is unashamedly biased towards 2000AD – the title should give that away. However I am more and more interested in forwarding the cause of Small Press & Creator Owned projects. I do tend to concentrate on creations in a similar vein to 2000AD and Creator Owned projects from 2000AD Creators but I’m always willing to look further.

At Lawgiver I take round a copy of the Reviews Booklet and ask as many Creators to sign a copy as possible. This year I took two round for signing, one for me and one to Auction for Charity; more on that in a few days. I also use Thought Bubble to approach other Creators who catch my eye, I usually have something in mind I am looking for but sometimes who I approach is a surprise to me as much as to anyone else.

So at the moment I’m reading several books from Creators or Publishers I spoke to this year at Thought Bubble. Reviews will start coming out soon, hopefully tomorrow or Sunday. Also this weekend I’ll be contacting some Publishers that I didn’t get books from but had a chat with.

There are other things that I am currently working on. For example I have another article regarding Judge Dredd inspired Cosplay builds in the works and I will soon be contacting some other Judge Dredd inspired Cosplayers to see if they are interested in being featured. You can find those articles via this link.

I am also planning a few interviews with a number of varied people. I’ve interviewed a wide range of people, though yes there is a strong connection to 2000AD in many of them. You can access all the Interviews through this link.

I am also writing my own original fiction, though that often takes a back seat. There is only so much I can fit in… I recently wrote a poem that is ‘In World’ for one of my projects. Here is a link to the poem.

In Easter there will be Jousting here in Leeds and I’ll most certainly be writing about that. Chances are a few other articles about Royal Armouries might also feature on the blog.

Hopefully in the coming weeks and months there will be something of interest to those that have previously read some of my articles and something to invite others along.

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