Gorilla Family and Me – 2 Episodes starts 21st December 2015 on BBC1

gorillas meGorilla Family and Me
Episode 1 Monday 21st December 2015
Episode 2 Sunday 27th December 2015

Presenter: Gordon Buchanan
Series Producer: David Johnson

I’ve seen all of the earlier related series and reviewed two of them.

The latest series focuses on one of our closest relatives, the Gorilla. In this case Grauer’s Gorilla, also known as the Eastern Lowland Gorilla, a Subspecies of the more famous Mountain Gorilla.

The first Episode airs on Monday 21st of December. The season also offers a chance to catch up with the earlier series.

The Bear Family & Me, The Polar Bear Family & Me and Snow Wolf Family & Me will air on BBC2 from 21st December 2015 to 1st January 2016. A full schedule is below.

Wildlife Cameraman Gordon Buchanan has spent time getting as close to the family of Grauer’s Gorillas. If you’ve seen any of the earlier series you’ll know that Gordon tries top get as close as possible without directly affecting the animals. This was obviously much easier with American Black Bears than Polar Bears.

These Gorillas were deeply affected by the war in Rawanda with many being killed or losing territory. The more famous related species, the Mountain Gorilla, is the one you may know from the film Gorillas in the Mist. Poaching of Gorillas for meat and trophies has long been an issue as highlighted by that film.

Getting close to Gorillas is somewhat safer than a Polar Bear or perhaps a Wolf. You may have seen footage of David Attenborough getting extremely close. Those were also the related species, Mountain Gorillas.

I’ll write a review of the series to let you know my thoughts.

Meanwhile, here is the schedule for the full run ofg this series and repeats of the earlier series.


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