Staffordshire Hoard coming to Royal Armouries, Leeds from 27th May 2016

Staffordshire_hoard.jpgThe Staffordshire Hoard

A selection will be on display at:
Royal Armouries, Leeds

27th May to 2nd October 2016

Programme of activities including hands-on archaeology sessions, storytelling, handling sessions, crafts, art and combat demonstrations

I’m a fairly regular visitor to Royal Armouries and I am excited about this collection visiting Leeds.

The Staffordshire Hoard is the largest Anglo-Saxon treasure haul ever found. It was unearthed at Johnsons Farm near Brownhills, near Lichfield, Staffordshire, on 5 July 2009.

The hoard consists of around 4000 items which are predominantly decorations stripped from military gear. The hoard weighed over 6Kg of Gold, Silver, Garnet and other stones. It dates from the first half of the 7th Century.

The treasure is owned by Birmingham City Council and Stoke-on-Trent City Council and cared for on their behalf by Birmingham Museums Trust and The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery. Continue reading

2000AD ex-Editor Steve MacManus Memoirs


The Mighty One: My Life Inside The Nerve Centre
Published by 2000AD
by Steve MacManus

8th September 2016
Pre order from 27th January 2016

Special signed hardback edition (limited to 200 copies) £20
– available only from 2000AD Webshop
Standard paperback edition £9.99
– available from all good book shops and Amazon

Back when Steve MacManus was Editor I didn’t really take any interest in who was at the helm, I just read the comic.

MacMabnus was Editor of 2000AD from 1978 to 1987. He took over from Kelvin Gusnell to become the third Editor of ‘The Galaxy’s greatest comic’. After 2000AD’s creator, and first Editor, Pat Mills many see Steve MacManus as one of the most important people in 2000AD’s history. Continue reading

Brit-Cit Noir – spoiler light (includes preview pages)

BC Noir coverBrit-Cit Noir
Published by 2000AD

7th April 2016
Paperback 96 Pages

John Smith, John Reppion & Leah Moore
Colin MacNeil & Tom Foster

Strange & Darke created by John Smith & Colin MacNeil
Storm Warning created by John Reppion, Leah Moore & Tom Foster

There are are three and a half years between these stories in publication history. Strange & Darke debuted in January 2012 and Storm Warning debuted in July 2015.

The connections are obvious. Both are set in Brit-Cit and more specifically in the Brit-Cit’s Psi Division. Both deal with Judges that are not popular among their colleagues. Both deal with the supernatural, granted that is the main topic Psi Div are associated with but it isn’t all they do. To find out what else links the two stories you’ll need to read them both.

There are a few preview pages of each story after the full contents & credits at the end of this article. Continue reading

Overrun – Issues 1 to 4 (with Preview Pages)

Overrun 1Overrun
Issues 1 to 4

Published by Treemondo
January 2016

Writers: Andi Ewington, Matt Woodley
Artist: Paul Green
Letterers: A Larger World Studios Troy Peteri & Joshua Cozine

Cover Artist: Kinetic Underground Cosmo White

Genre – SciFi, Action, Zombie

Overrun is a four issue miniseries that will be dropping as a ‘Netflix style event’ any moment now. All four issues will be released as a limited 250 edition run. Digital copies will also be available for Kindle, iBook, Madefire and possibly on Comixology.

This is a creator owned project published by the Creators’ own publishing house, Treemondo.

This story is an introduction to a setting as much as to a set of intriguing characters.

Preview pages are at the end of the article. Continue reading

The Amazing Screw-On Head And Other Curious Objects – Artist’s Edition Announced by IDW

screwonhead.jpgMike Mignola’s
The Amazing Screw-On Head
and Other Curious Objects

Published by IDW
June 2016

144-pages Artist’s
12” x 17,”

Reproduced from fresh scans of the original art at the original size. Collecting the Eisner Award winning short story, The Amazing Screw-On Head, as well as a number of other stories of the same ilk. Continue reading

André The Giant: Closer to Heaven – A Graphic Biography

AndreAndré The Giant:
Closer to Heaven

Published by Lionforge
18th November 2015

Writer: Brandon Easton
Artist: Denis Medri
Colourist: Davide Cachi
Letterer: AW’s Adrian Martinez

Edited by Shannon Eric Denton

Genre – Biography

This is an authorised biography of André Roussimoff, better known to the world as André the Giant. There is a frank introduction from his daughter, Robin Christensen Roussimoff.

Andre creditsI used to watch the odd bit of WWF and I saw André a few times on TV. He also entertained me as Fizzig in the wonderful film The Princess Bride. What I didn’t know at the time was that he’d also entertained me as Sasquatch in the Six Million Dollar Man.

This book looks behind the scenes at the man André Roussimoff.

There are five preview pages at the end of this article. Continue reading

Judge Dredd from IDW issue 2 – Preview Pages included

jd zero 2Judge Dredd Issue 2
Published by IDW
20th January 2016

Writera: Ulises Farinas & Eric Freitas
Artist: Dan McDaid
Colours: Ryan Hill
Letters: Chris Mowry

Cover Art: Dan McDaid
Cover Colours: Ryan Hill

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

jd zero 2 contents.jpgThis is the second run of ongoing Judge Dredd comics from IDW. The first story arc is called ‘Mega City Zero’ and comes from ideas from artist Ulises Farinas, co-writing with Eric Freitas.

Only two covers for this issue. The standard cover has some relevance to the plot, the Subs one doesn’t. I by far prefer the one by Farinas.

Following this contents page there is a page with ID images of Judge Dredd and the support cast, three feral Juves that Dredd met last issue. There is also a ‘story so far’ synopsis. That page isn’t available for preview.

Last issue Dredd was called to a case in Angela Davis Block. After entering the block he woke in a wilderness, unable to recall how he had arrived there. He met three Juves, seemingly wild and speaking in an odd dialect. They led him to Ang Avi, a large monolith reminiscent of a City Block.

Dredd attempted to enter Ang Avi nut met resistance from what seemed to be Mechanismo robots. After dealing with them he made his way inside with the three girls.

There are a few minor spoilers below and 5 preview pages are at the end of this article. Continue reading

A Black History Of Britain – BBC Commission new 4-part series

History and how we were taught it in my years at school is something I speak about a lot offline. Our history isn’t completely what we think it is.

For example we used to be told Viking helmets had horns on them, they didn’t. Sometimes these ‘mistakes’ are indeed simply mistakes. I also remember being told that Julius Caesar conquered Britain – which was never true and there are plenty of documents proving it.

john blankeBlack History in Britain falls somewhere between. The facts are known they just aren’t commonly known. The truth isn’t hidden, it just wasn’t taught.

I wrote in October regarding Black History Month and where facts surrounding the end of the Slave Trade are ‘blurred’ by Britain’s take on History.

BBC have commissioned a new 4-part series for BBC2 written and presented by historian and broadcaster David Olusoga. Continue reading

Who is Rico Dredd?

Rico.gifYou’ll notice that I said Rico Dredd, not Judge Rico. I’ll explain this for everyone, I’ll explain the difference between Rico Dredd and Judge Rico.

Rico Dredd was created by Pat Mills and Mick McMahon and first appeared in ‘The Return of Rico’ in Prog 30 in 1977.

He is a clone of the first Chief Judge, Eustace Fargo, clone-brother to Joe Dredd (the character we all know as Judge Dredd). They are exact duplicates, but can two men ever be exactly the same?

There is a Judge Rico in the current continuity of Judge Dredd, they are not the same. I’ll explain that towards the end of this article. There are spoilers below if you haven’t read the stories but as the first story was published in 1977 I’m not being too fussy about giving details of that one

I’ve done a couple of these articles already and plan to do more. You can read Who is Orlok, Who Are The Dark Judges and Who is Judge Giant. Continue reading

Rebellion and the Dredd Sequel Campaign Take Up the ‘TV Baton’

BBD TV.jpgI’ve written a few times about interest in a sequel to the Dredd (2012) film starring Karl Urban as Judge Dredd and Olivia Thirlby as Psi Judge Anderson.

Firstly, please be aware that there are at least two articles online saying that there is a Dredd TV series on Netflix. Those articles are a hoax that started on April 1st 2015. Please do not circulate those articles.

There has been a genuine Petition to Netflix to consider doing a Dredd TV series. I reported on that and I personally know the man who started it. He has sent his Petition to Netflix now.

As ever Rebellion take notice. You don’t always see that they are taking notice but when it comes to Judge Dredd rest assured they are.

They’ve talked with the ‘Bring Back Dredd‘ campaign and they’ve shifted from asking for a Sequel to asking for a TV show. Continue reading