Campaign asking Netflix to make a Dredd TV Show gains Creator’s support

dreddNetA week ago, Christmas Day 2015, a petition went live asking Netflix to make a Netflix Original TV Series of Dredd.

The 2012 film Written and Produced by Alex Garland is still as popular with fans as ever.

Now Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner has shown his support. He shared a link to the Petition on his Facebook Account.

DreddNet JW

Dredd (2012) was based on the character Judge Dredd from the British anthology comic 2000AD and was co-created by writer John Wagner an artist Carlos Ezquerra.

Many comic fans were disappointed with the 1995 Stallone version, Judge Dredd (1995) though it has a decent following of its own. When Dredd (2012) was released the feel of the film was much closer to the source material and fans lapped it up.

Unfortunately the marketing seemed to let the film down. Some viewers refused to see a ‘remake’ of the Stallone movie. It was not a remake. Strictly speaking it wasn’t a re-boot either. It was a new interpretation from the source material.

In conversations about the lack of sequel to Dredd (2012) I have often said that an HBO or Netflix TV series is the way forward. I signed this petition, that was started by a friend, on 27/12/15 as I was in a world without Internet on 25th & 26th (My Mum’s house is in a 4G black spot).

Given the success of the Marvel Universe TV series and Dc’s Gotham we know there is an audience for comic based TV. That’s nothing new of course. Netflix however have shown that adult themed Comic based TV shows such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones are possible too.

It is the success of Daredevil and Jessica Jones that has fanned the flames of this Petition.

I haven’t heard of any comment on the Petition from 2000AD or their owners, Rebellion.

The Petition will be delivered to Netflix once completed. Hopefully there will be enough interest to set the ball in motion for Netflix to approach Rebellion and the Movie Licence holders for discussions.

Everyone’s hoping Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby reprise their roles if this comes off.

Please be aware that after signing the Petition there is a page asking for Donations. This is nothing to do with the Petition. Once you’ve seen that page your signature is secured. The donation is requested by the website

Please, if you haven’t already, sign the Petition. We’ve nothing to lose other than a minute or two. But if Netflix do talk to Rebellion and the Movie License holder… we could gain a lot.


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