Judge Dredd Year Two: The Righteous Man – Michael Carroll – Spoiler Light

JD Y2 CoverJudge Dredd: Year Two
The Righteous Man

Written by Michael Carroll

Published by Abaddon Books
15th January 2016

Published by Abaddon Books
Available from Amazon UK £2.99 and Amazon US $4.40.
Also available from 15th January 2016 at Rebellion Store

File Size: 513 KB
Print Length: 126 pages

Michael Carroll is one of the current stable of Writers of Judge Dredd for 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine. He also writes DeMarco PI in the Magazine. This is his third Judge Dredd E-Novella. He also has a series of Novels that are hugely popular in USA, also available in UK/Ireland – Quantum Prophect/New Heroes

There is no need to have read either Judge Dredd Year One: Cold Light of Day or Rico Dredd The Titan Years: The Third Law to understand this novel but there are elements from The Third Law that are mentioned in this book.

I’ve marked this article as Spoiler Light as it deals with a time in Dredd’s past. However there are spoilers. I’ve mentioned things out or order and out of context so that any spoilers for THIS story are at the end of the article, warning is given so you can stop reading and avoid them.

You can read the first chapter on the 2000AD Tumblr Account – why not read that and come back to read the rest of this article.

In that first chapter you will meet a character whose name may seem familiar; Judge-Tutor Semple. Mike introduced him in The Third Law, named after this blog.

The majority of the action in this book takes place in 2080AD. Judge Dredd started in Prog 2 of 2000AD in 1977, set in 2099. Time for Judge Dredd in the pages of 2000AD pass at the same rate as publication (so it is currently January 2137 for Judge Dredd).

Dredd has been on the streets for 17 months. He is still an unknown quantity to most of the Judges of Mega-City One and as Rico has only recently been arrested, as seen in the first chapter.

So this novel obviously deals with some of the fallout from that. Long time readers of 2000AD will know all about Rico Dredd. I very strongly recommend catching up with the story in The Third Law though.

Michael has a great grasp for the character and continuity of Judge Dredd. That should be obvious given what I said in the intro to this article but it isn’t always a case with Novels that are based on a Comic Character. This is to all intents and purposes the same Judge Dredd as in the comic (though technically only stories published in comic form in 2000AD and (most) of those from Judge Dredd Megazine are official canon.

In this story we see Dredd building his reputation. Though he often lacks empathy for others Dredd’s charisma shows through. And unlike a comic a novel can show you more of his internal dialogue so you can understand why he does some of the things the way he does. Michael used this to a much greater degree in The Third Law (sorry, yes I am plugging that book quite a bit).

As a Novelist and Comic Writer Michael knows well the difference in pacing between prose and comics. I found the shifts between action and characterisation were well judged (pardon the pun)

Action in this book is split between Mega-City One and the Cursed Earth. There-in is one of the spoilers for this story that I mentioned, it may affect your enjoyment if you read on before reading this book.

Click on that image and you can read an article about the EPIC, Judge Dredd: Cursed Earth. It isn’t a review of the Mega Collection, if you know the story you still might find that article interesting…

MC8 cover

The Cursed Earth location in this story, Ezekiel, isn’t from The Cursed Earth but Dredd flies over the Death Belt in a shuttle piloted by Brian O’Donnell. When we first meet O’Donnell a thought popped in to my head – “it’ll be cool if that turns out to be…” – and it was!



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