FutureQuake Issue 28 – spoiler free

FQ28FutureQuake Issue 28

Published by:
Futurequake Press
Creator owned material

Edited by:
Dave Evans &
Richmond Clements

Cover: Steve Austin

Genre – SciFi

FutureQuake is a British anthology comic from the same publishers as Something Wicked and the 2000AD fanzines Zarjaz and Dogbreath.

This is what British Comics is all about. I review several other anthologies, including 2000AD of course. Most of the Creators in this anthology will have grown up reading anthologies, some of the same ones I grew up on no doubt.

Sometimes getting a story with three acts in a low page count isn’t easy. Reviewing such stories when there are often surprise endings that I don’t want to Spoil is also a challenge.

Revolution 1010
Writer: Mike Yeoman
Artist: Steve Austin
Letterer: Bolt-01

Robots… They are bound by Asimov’s Laws and live to serve Humans. So what do they do when they decide to revolt?

The art is great with bold lines and shades – ful of energy and I was very intrigued where the plot was taking us.

The Final Boss
Writer: Dave Cook
Artist: R H Stewart

His family killed, he’d been framed and his Dad’s best friend was looking out for him. But he needed revenge against the one who was controlling it all.

Well crafted plot with measured forecasting by the script which is translated well in the art. You might see the end coming but that doesn’t harm the story in this case. Nice breaking the fourth wall.

Cop Killer
Writer: Tim Perry
Artist: Joe Palmer
Letterer: Bolt-01

Humans killing Humans while slowly Aliens start to outnumber the inhabitants of Earth.

Some nice character work and again some good forecasting.

Writer: Jonathan Harris
Artist: Wes St Claire
Letterer: Bolt-01

Well this one has me rereading it three times and I don’t know what to say. I love it but can’t really figure out what to tell you. Great stuff!

The God’s Tear
Writer: JJ Robinson
Artist: Alex Paterson
Letterer: Bolt-01

First part of a multi-part story. The plot is thick here and there are plenty of questions. Very intriguing.

Peaceful Farewell
Writer: Blas Bigatti
Artist: Adam Caudill

Time has run out for Earth but there is hope. Exodus to another world. Ships wouldn’t be big enough but teleporting the who;e of the Human Race? No problem, just step this way.

Barry’s Nose
Writer: Rory McConville
Artist: Scott Twells
Letterer: Bolt-01

A cautionary tale. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

Writer: Marcello Bondi
Artist: Mattia Marini
Letterer: Bolt-01
Translator: Alberto Sentimenti

Slightly thrown by a Western in the middle of a SciFi anthology but an interesting little story.

Writer: Virgil Vendell
Artist: Neil Sims
Letterer: Bolt-01

A side-show Magician becomes a Healer and then the Leader of the World. When Aliens appear to be invading what else does he have up his sleeve?

The Long Sleep
Writer: Robert Lefebvre
Artist: David Valente
Letterer: Bolt-01

Travelling thousands of light years to another planet requires a long sleep. And lots of cocoa?

Writer: Michelle Wilkinson
Artist: A I Miller
Letterer: Bolt-01

Mother and daughter don’t quite see eye-to-eye with each other om how they spend their time. Or how things have changed between them.

This is a great story that I think really achieves what it sets out to do.


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