Judge Dredd from IDW issue 2 – Preview Pages included

jd zero 2Judge Dredd Issue 2
Published by IDW
20th January 2016

Writera: Ulises Farinas & Eric Freitas
Artist: Dan McDaid
Colours: Ryan Hill
Letters: Chris Mowry

Cover Art: Dan McDaid
Cover Colours: Ryan Hill

Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

jd zero 2 contents.jpgThis is the second run of ongoing Judge Dredd comics from IDW. The first story arc is called ‘Mega City Zero’ and comes from ideas from artist Ulises Farinas, co-writing with Eric Freitas.

Only two covers for this issue. The standard cover has some relevance to the plot, the Subs one doesn’t. I by far prefer the one by Farinas.

Following this contents page there is a page with ID images of Judge Dredd and the support cast, three feral Juves that Dredd met last issue. There is also a ‘story so far’ synopsis. That page isn’t available for preview.

Last issue Dredd was called to a case in Angela Davis Block. After entering the block he woke in a wilderness, unable to recall how he had arrived there. He met three Juves, seemingly wild and speaking in an odd dialect. They led him to Ang Avi, a large monolith reminiscent of a City Block.

Dredd attempted to enter Ang Avi nut met resistance from what seemed to be Mechanismo robots. After dealing with them he made his way inside with the three girls.

There are a few minor spoilers below and 5 preview pages are at the end of this article.

You will see in the preview pages that Dredd is aware he is somehow still in Angela Davis Block. Where the rest of Mega-City One is and why the Block is so different is unknown to him. But as this is a Block from Mega-City One he is still the law.#

The plot is slightly ‘out there’, given Farinas’ art style it might not be too surprising that his plots might be ‘different’.

I am aware some readers think that removing Dredd from Mega-City One in the first arc of a new run is a little risky. It possibly is and for long term 2000AD readers Dredd doesn’t seem to be acting exactly how they’d expect. He’s a little too angry and unfocused. That might be part of the plot, only time will tell.

Personally I find the plot interesting, though the execution would feel out of place in 2000AD. This isn’t 2000AD though, this is IDW and it is their sandbox.

The art is full of character, I really enjoyed Dan McDaid’s work on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It isn’t so much his Dredd here, it is the supporting cast. There is a Jimp in later pages that is particularly fun.

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