Royal Armouries – Indian Warriors

India-Web-BannerI am a fairly regular attendee of Royal Armouries in Leeds and you can read many articles on this blog about some of what I have seen there.

For Half Term, 13-21 February 2016 Royal Armouries had a themed week looking at India. I went on four days to get in as much as I could.

This is the first of two articles about my experience and is drawn from a few different days. The theme of this article is Indian Warriors, the second article will be about Indian Music & Dance.

There were Gatka demonstrations on several days over the week. I attended two, one on Tuesday and another on Saturday. There are embedded videos of part of the Gatka demonstrations in this article.

I also attended three presentations about war in India which are described after the Gatka videos Continue reading

Michael Collin -Stunt Rider – appeared on BBC’s The Voice

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI often write about Horse Stunt Shows and Jousting at Royal Armouries. One of the talented Riders that features regularly in those shows is Michael Collin.

Here he is performing his favourite stunt, standing on a moving horse, in this case the horse is Bruce.

An Actor and Stunt Rider, Mike’s been on your TV screens in programs such as BBC’s Jamaica Inn. On Saturday 6th of June Mike was on BBC’s The Voice in the 5th week of Blind Auditions.

I won’t say how he did – you can see his performance in an embeded video at the end of this article, after his Showreel. Continue reading

Spiral Issue One -European Crime Drama

Spiral1Spiral Issue One

Self Published funded by Kickstarter
April 2016

Writer: Magnus Aspli
Artist: Emerson Dimayan
Letterer: Nic J Shaw

Cover Artist: Emerson Dimayan
Design: Nic J Shaw

Genre – Crime, Police Procedure

I came across Spiral on Twitter when it was recommended by Andi Ewington, whose work I know via Dogbreath, Psychedelic Journal and Overrun.

I have no experience with the work of the creative team on this book but they’ve been published by FUBAR Press, IDW, Image, Locust Moon/Dark Horse & Markosia. So they have a track record.

This is a European crime drama set in London. As a UK citizen I rarely say ‘European’ when talking about things set in the UK but writer Magnus Aspli is Norwegian and brings that European flair to the story.

At time of writing the project has seventeen days left on Kickstarter and have already passed their funding point. For those in the UK there are about 12NOK (Norwegian Krona) to £1. The site will display prices in US Dollars for US residents. For anyone from other territories Kickstarter will give an estimate in US Dollars.

There are a few preview pages at the end of this article. Continue reading