Spiral Issue One -European Crime Drama

Spiral1Spiral Issue One

Self Published funded by Kickstarter
April 2016

Writer: Magnus Aspli
Artist: Emerson Dimayan
Letterer: Nic J Shaw

Cover Artist: Emerson Dimayan
Design: Nic J Shaw

Genre – Crime, Police Procedure

I came across Spiral on Twitter when it was recommended by Andi Ewington, whose work I know via Dogbreath, Psychedelic Journal and Overrun.

I have no experience with the work of the creative team on this book but they’ve been published by FUBAR Press, IDW, Image, Locust Moon/Dark Horse & Markosia. So they have a track record.

This is a European crime drama set in London. As a UK citizen I rarely say ‘European’ when talking about things set in the UK but writer Magnus Aspli is Norwegian and brings that European flair to the story.

At time of writing the project has seventeen days left on Kickstarter and have already passed their funding point. For those in the UK there are about 12NOK (Norwegian Krona) to £1. The site will display prices in US Dollars for US residents. For anyone from other territories Kickstarter will give an estimate in US Dollars.

There are a few preview pages at the end of this article.

This is a gritty setting in London where the lines are blurred between law and order.

A hard hitting, no nonsense Policewoman, Olivia, is bringing harsh justice to a harsh underworld of crime in the UK capital. Her father has a secret that he has only shared with Olivia’s brother, Sam, a nurse.

Michael Warden, son of Crime-boss Terry Warden feels it is time he stepped out of his father’s shadow.

So it is a family drama which promises a few interesting dynamics. The characters are introduced to us in turn and with a candid truth. We soon learn what the wants and drives of these characters are.

The setting seems real, we’ve seen these kind of characters on TV and Film. This familiarity helps but the script is clear even without these familiar reference points.

The art is full of character. The locations look believable and all the characters are easily recognisable and have energy that lifts the story. At the end of the issue even the vague look of the protagonist is carried out well. Good stuff.

The pallet used for each setting, character and action makes it easy to follow the action. This compliments the pacing of the script well.

Many non-comic readers often don’t realise that there are more genres for adults than Superhero, Sci-Fi or Horror in comics. This is a great example that there are.

From the Press Release:

Outside, within and around the law, two families spiral out of control in this London crime noir saga.

While rough cop Olivia is denied her father’s vigilante mantle, Michael, son of a prominent gang leader, feels it’s time to step out of his father’s shadow. The world is a small place, and nothing can stop the coming havoc of violence and vigilantism…

Spiral p1Spiral p3Spiral p2Spiral p4Spiral p5Spiral p6



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